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13 November 1945, Stockholm, Sweden
178 cm
A popular Danish media personality, Bengt Burg is primarily known as the presenter of _"Lykkehjulet" (1988)_ (qv), the successful Danish version of the Wheel of Fortune format, for more than a decade. Burg's parents fled from Germany to Denmark in the 1930s and then to Sweden, where Bengt was born, in 1943. Back in Denmark, he became a university student in Copenhagen before applying for a position at Danish radio where he became a morning host on the P3 channel. When TV 2 broke the Danish television monopoly in 1988, Burg came to television for the first time. He presented the popular show _"Eleva2ren" (1988)_ (qv), but soon swapped places with 'Michael Meyerheim' (qv) to become the presenter of Lykkehjulet, which became an institution in Danish TV. In 2000, declining ratings, especially among young audiences, made TV 2 sack Bengt Burg and modernise the format of the show, an unsuccessful move which was heavily criticized and brought the programme to a close the following year. Since then, Bengt Burg has sought varied occupation as a businessman, radio presenter, journalist, sailor and lecturer. He has a child from his thirteen-year marriage to politician 'Mimi Jakobsen (I)' (qv) and now lives with Inge Juul in Skærbæk, Jutland.
Peter Brandt Nielsen

-   'Mimi Jakobsen (I)' (qv) (? - ?) (divorced); 1 child

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