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biography of Buschel, Noah

Noah S. Buschel
31 May 1978, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
6' 1"
Moved to Manhattan at age of one. Has fraternal twin brother named Marin. Noah went to the Friends Seminary school in Manhattan but didn't graduate from high school. Ordained a Zen priest in 2002 by Sensei Pat Enkyo O'Hara. Wrote the award-winning screenplay _Neal Cassady (2007)_ (qv) and is a contributing editor to Tricycle magazine.

-   He was nicknamed "O" in honor of the Orlando, Florida Jai Alai Players.

-   Speaks two languages.

-   Has biopic on Maura O'Halloran in development with Ruth O'Halloran.

-   Nephew of 'Ben Buschel' (qv).

-   Wrote and directed the short film, "Love Will Tear Us Apart," starring Gray Madder and Nicole Vicius.

-   The novel "That Must Be Yoshino."

-   Wrote and directed the short film, "A Small World."

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