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The Man Angel Eyes
25 May 1980, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
5' 11"
Matt is the executive in charge of production at Internext Studios, which has produced films like the Irish documentary "Roots of a Man", the critically acclaimed Post-Apocalyptic Spaghetti Western "Six Reasons Why" and its follow-up "Roll the Hard Six". As a writer and director, his genres vary from westerns to fantasy thrillers, historical action epics and sci-fi romance. Also being responsible for the cinematography on "Six Reasons Why", he garnered attention from his peers for his eye as a DP, and has subsequently been the cinematographer on several films. Also an avid Web 2.0 contributor to newmedia, Matt was directing the webseries "WHIRtv" for The Web Host Industry Review even before the advent of YouTube. Since then he has produced the award winning film preview and review webseries & tv shows "Your Geek News" and the the popular irreverent vinology webseries "Naked Wine Show" eventually directing it for the Food Network as "Grape Notes". In addition to independent filmmaking, Matt also co-founded the "Mississauga Independent Film Festival" to celebrate other Canadian independent filmmakers, which is going into its fifth season in 2012.
Internext Studios

During his four years in Ryerson University's "Radio and Television Arts" (RTA) program, Matthew Campagna focused his time in the areas of Directing as well as Interactive Television and HDTV. While in RTA, he spent some very valuable time at a local Toronto radio station, MIX 99.9, in the capacity of promotions and online listener interactivity. His final practicum project at Ryerson, entitled "Genesi: The First Key", shocked the faculty and student body alike. It was a feature-length Sci-Fi film shot largely on green-screen that exhibited Matthew as a director as well as his technical skill. It was the recipient of "Best Interactive Program" at the university's annual TARA Award Show. "Genesi" also marked the first time he and his brother Jeff worked together on a film project of such scope. Jeff starred in the film as Issac Harris, a ruthless yet charming bounty hunter from the alien race Zek'hasa. He then went on to work with the former Toronto 1 television station as their primary real time effects technician. He currently produces and directs the weekly news program, WHIRTV for trade publication, The Web Host Industry Review. Matthew owns and operates Internext Enterprises, and acts in the capacity of Director of Production for its subsidiary film and television company, Internext Studios, which is co-producing Six Reasons Why.
Internext Studios

-   Matthew has had a small role as an actor in every film he's directed, ranging from Intergalactic Aliens to Catholic Saints.

-   Brother of Jeff Campagna with whom he collaborates regularly.

-   Not just a film maker, but a critic as well, he hosts the popular show Your Geek News, giving previews and reviews of genre film.

-   A supporter of Battlestar Galactica, he teamed up with Writer/Actor 'Rudy Jahchan' (qv) to create one of the most highly praised pieces of BSG parody on the web.

-   "Goodlife Magazine" (Canada), 22 July 2008, Vol. 8, Iss. 7

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Costume Designed by Campagna, Matthew (I)

  1. Roots of a Man (2005)

Production Design

  1. Six Reasons Why (2008)