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Marti Davis has extensive business skills that she brings to her roles as producer, director, and casting director. Marti entered the TV/Film industry as a direct result of her daughter Leila Jean Davis becoming an actress (see Leila here on IMDb). As Leila's manager, Marti has guided Leila's career to steady success in the acting industry. Marti and Leila have also worked together on multiple projects including the award winning Zombie Etiquette TV Shows, a Doritos Super Bowl Contest Commercial, and a number of short films. To each of these projects Marti brings her expertise in project management, communications and professional skills. She a pleasure to work with and is dedicated to the success of every project she takes on.
Marti Davis

-   Mother of actress Leila Jean Davis. They have worked together on a number of exciting projects, including the Honolulu Film Festival's award winning show Zombie Etiquette: Love Potion.

-   "Want Some?" Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Commercial Jan. 2011, assistant director with PoniTV

-   (June 2012) TV Commercial for Matthews Gifts & Treasures - Producer

-   (August 2012) TV Commercial for Donfather's Urgo Energy Drink - Producer with PoniTV

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-   "NY Castings Advice" (USA), 5 March 2012, pg. 1, by: Kelly Calabrese, "Growing Like Wildfire - Child Actor Tips and Success Stories"

-   "Hopewell Express distributed by Mercerspace" (USA), 1 April 2011, Vol. 2, Iss. 8, pg. 1, 10, by: Diccon Hyatt, "Dead Air: Zombie T.V. Show Zombie Etiquette Takes Town By Storm"

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