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1971, Gent, Belgium
Enormously successful at lesbian and gay film festivals throughout the world, Bavo Defurne's rich and beautiful short films examine gay love and loss and mark the emergence of one of Europe's most exciting young filmmakers. One of the many pleasures in Defurne's work is the playful and unforced way in which he references the work of other artists - from Dreyer and Eisenstein to photographers Herbert List and Pierre et Gilles. Most significantly, Defurne and his regular team have created a allegorical and headily romantic gay aesthetic that draws on a wide range of influences, but is uniquely their own. Defurne's choice of using largely unprofessional actors brings a charming innocence to the performances that complements the magical, overwrought worlds that they inhabit. Robin Baker, Sleeve Notes BFI video, 1999
Alberto Doveil

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Acting in movies

  1. Pensão Globo (1999)

Movies Produced

  1. Drive Me Crazy (2004) (executive producer)
  2. Fast Forward (2004) (producer)
  3. Saint (1997) (producer)
  4. Particularly Now, in Spring (1996) (producer)

Production Design

  1. Matroos (1998)


  1. Body, Body on the Wall (1997) (production coordinator)
  2. Alpsee (1995) (production assistant)