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Corey Grant was born in Joliet, Illinois. He attended Norfolk State University and Virginia where he received his BA in Communications. After graduating and working for NBC, he decided that film was his ultimate goal and he moved to Washington, DC to attend Howard University to receive his Masters in Film. After graduation he moved to Hollywood to take his film career to the next level. Corey wrote and and directed Dysfunctional Friends, his third feature which was released theatrically and has garnered rave reviews and success on DVD and VOD. His follow up The Lost Coast Tapes saw him go in a completely different direction as he entered the mainstream horror arena. The found footage thriller was received well as it was picked up for worldwide distribution and will be released in the fall of 2012. This filmmaker prides himself on quality, commercial stories that are cutting edge and original.
Jerry Slikem

-   Stand behind your work and not in front of it.

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