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Takeshi Hatano
Joe Hatano, born and raised in Tokyo Japan, made his screen debut in _Jitsuroku Juku no tsura: Shinjuku gurentai monogatari (1997)_ (qv) as 'Young Kanou', the lead character played by 'Kôji Matoba' (qv). At the beginning of his career, he was largely inspired by his father 'Ryûji Katagiri' (qv) and he slowly stepped into his career by having professional training at Toei Academy. While he continued to train there, he played a significant role as 'Wada' in popular video series 'Be-Bop High School' in 1998. After a-year spell at Toei Academy, he went onto train the action and the movement for films at Urban Actors which was established and organized by action director 'Tatsumi Nikamoto' (qv). While he was there, he got another significant role in video series _Gunro No Keifu 3 (1999) (V)_ (qv) as 'Young Komoro', the main character played by 'Kiyoshi Nakajo' (qv). Then he made some odd appearances in the film _Maitresse (2000)_ (qv) and the video movie _Enko No Kizuna (2002) (V)_ (qv) respectively before he left Japan. In order to pursuit his dream, he decided to come to New York to make it as an established actor in the United States in 2003. After spending few years studying the language, he went to "HB Studio" where he had the theatrical training of 'Uta Hagen' (qv) method from the likes of 'Lorraine Serabian' (qv) and the others, finishing "2-Year Full-Time Student Program" in 2007. In the same year of 2007, he wrote himself a short play "After Six Years ..." in the production of "Wasabi Night" where he also was an actor and a director. Following year, he signed with management company 'Cinematic Management'. Since then he's been working in many films, TV's and Commercials as an actor and a model. His recent credits include a Co-Staring role on CBS's new cop show _"NYC 22" (2012)_ (qv), "Grand Street", _We Are the Hartmans (2011)_ (qv) and a nationally televised commercial "Voice Rockrz".

-   Son of actor 'Ryûji Katagiri' (qv) .

-   He and his father 'Ryûji Katagiri' (qv) have worked on same films on 3 occasions in _Jitsuroku Juku no tsura: Shinjuku gurentai monogatari (1997)_ (qv), _Gunro No Keifu 3 (1999) (V)_ (qv) and _Enko No Kizuna (2002) (V)_ (qv) , though they have never been in the same scene together.

-   A lifelong Manchester United fan.

-   "NY Daily News" (USA), 26 September 2008, by: ELIZABETH LAZAROWITZ, "Web sites let amateurs sell their photos"

-   "BRIDGE USA" (USA), May 2011, Vol. 506, Iss. May, 2011

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