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Kendrick Marquese Cunningham
20 July 1987, Wharton, Texas, USA
5' 8"

-   Huge fan of Texas Country Music.

-   Favorite actors include Denzel Washington, Johnny Knoxville, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Shia Labeouf and John Travolta.

-   Musically influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain & Cody Canada.

-   Played drums in a Texas Country band.

-   Favorite actresses include Dakota Fanning, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ashley Tisdale.

-   Favorite movie is Remember the Titans.

-   Kasey is a fan of professional wrestling. His favorite wrestlers include Road Dogg Jesse James, Triple H, Edge & Chris Jericho.

-   Kasey James appears on Les Lawless's blogspot page. Les Lawless is the drummer for the Randy Rogers Band and on his blog he claims that Kasey is his #1 fan.

-   Huge fan of the Houston Rockets and Astros and on occasion he can be seen at their home & visitor games.

-   Even though Kasey likes the Houston Rockets his favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant.

-   He is a great fan of Alexander the Great and they are known to share the same birthday.

-   Member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

-   Has a paint horse named Stoney.

-   Even though Kasey was born in Wharton, he was raised in Victoria, Texas.

-   Fan of comedian actors Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill & Steve Carell.

-   Has a son named Hayden Jaxon Cunningham born on May 16, 2010.

-   Houston Texans & Dallas Cowboys fan.

-   Kasey is a huge fan of Rashida Jones.

-   Started acting by reinacting Jackass stunts in highschool with his friends.

-   No matter how cool you are or how cool you get, everybody was a loser at one point in their life.

-   (July 2011) In Dallas, Texas filming Bad Kids Go To Hell.

-   (February 2012) At a remote location outside of Edgard, Louisiana filming Django Unchained.

-   "C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine" (USA), 1 September 2010, Vol. 3, pg. 25, by: Hector Luna, "Quick Profile: Kasey James"

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