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1978, Sussex, England, UK
6' 0"
Richard Janes started his career as an actor at the age of 14. However, it wasn't long before Richard realized that he wasn't only interested in being in front of the camera. Graduating film school in 2001, Richard's graduation film was nominated for a student Royal Television Society Award. After a short time working for commercial companies and directors such as Tarsem, Terry Gilliam and Sharon Maguire, he directed his first stage play on the London Fringe. 'Journey's End' a story of troubled men and boys on the front line during World War II. Richard found the script for his debut film 'Fakers' on the internet and shortly thereafter, a financier presented herself with seed money that had to be spent quickly as it was linked to a British Tax Incentive called the Enterprise Investment Scheme. Once Paul Gerstenberger's script was agreed upon, Richard and actor friend Tom Chambers drove up and down the country knocking on doors to raise the rest of the money. Pre-production started a few months later.
AJ Lewis

-   'Amy Janes' (qv) (4 November 2005 - present); 1 child

-   Co-Founded with Producer Amy Janes and Development Executive Sasha Mervin.

-   Played Pierre Arronax in a test for the Crayola Kids Adventures: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1997)

-   TV commercial for Anadin extra (1995)

-   TV commercial for Opal Fruits Drink (1997)

-   TV commercial for Ponica Chocolate (1999)

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