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George Bradley Maule
11 October 1951, Camp Springs, Fisher County, Texas, USA
6' 0"
Brad Maule was graduated from Stephen F. Austin College cum laude with a B.F.A. in theater and English. He grew up on a farm in rural west Texas where he attended one of the few remaining country schools with an enrollment of 150 students in twelve grades. Maule's theatre credits include 'Billy Barnes (I)' (qv)' musical revue, Movie Star. He then played Hamlet in Somethin's Rockin' in Denmark. He won the Drama-Logue Award for his performance in 'Stephen Sondheim' (qv)'s Marry Me A Little. Maule's television credits include guest starring roles in _"The White Shadow" (1978)_ (qv), _"Three's Company" (1976)_ (qv), _"Too Close for Comfort" (1980)_ (qv), and _"Charlie's Angels" (1976)_ (qv). He also appeared on the ABC miniseries _Malibu (1983) (TV)_ (qv). Brad Maule wrote and performed songs before he became an actor. He worked as backup singer for 'Bob Gentry (I)' (qv), 'Jim Nabors' (qv), and 'Don Ho' (qv), among others, and has released a couple of albums.

-   'Laverne Nix' (22 December 1984 - present)

-   Has 3 children with Laverne: Lily Alexandra Nix, Michael Benjamin, and Hunter Maule.

-   Has light brown hair and blue eyes.

-   Attended Stephen F. Austin State University, graduated cum laude with a B.F.A. in theater and English

-   Is a headliner annually in the telethon benefiting the West Texas Rehabilitation Center, located in Abliene, Texas. A family member of his was once a patient there.

-   Currently teaching at his Alma Mater.

-   (August 2003) Maule will be joining the cast of the NBC soap opera, _"Passions" (1999)_ (qv).

-   (February 2006) Currently teaching "musical theater" and "acting for the camera" at Stephen F. Austin University for the Spring 2006 semester.

-   "TV Guide" (USA), 5 July 2003, Vol. 51, Iss. 27, pg. 34, by: Michael Logan, "Maule Is Moving"

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