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North Platte, Nebraska, USA
Brian McCulley is a producer/director/writer with a career ranging from the genres's comedy to horror. He is known for taking on ambitious projects with lower budgets, and turning them into big productions on the screen. He has a vast experience in casting, talent development and many other parts of film making Brian started as an actor and he still continues to act he can be seen in _Creep! (2014)_ (qv). Along his path in this industry Brian has acquired a vast experience in casting, talent development and many other aspects of film making. Brian and his casting partner 'Annie Hamilton' (qv) have cast a number of commercials for many directors including 'Tony Scott (I)' (qv) and clients: Coke, Southwest Airlines, Reebok, US Army, America's Most Wanted, Rolling Stone Magazine's _Where It's At: The Rolling Stone State of the Union (1998) (TV)_ (qv). The EDS Technology commercial they helped cast under 'Laray Mayfield' (qv) in 1999 was seen during The Superbowl and won a CLIO award that year. Brian attended North Platte High School in Nebraska. After graduation he moved to Colorado to attend Colorado State University and pursue a career in film and television per advice from his cousin 'Jason Van Vleet' (qv). Brian attended acting workshops for many years until he undertook a year long apprenticeship, opened his own studio and began coaching actors for television and film. In the last several years he has trained many actors, casting them in many of his projects including 'Kyle Howard (I)' (qv), 'Derek Theler' (qv), 'Hanna Hall' (qv), 'Caroline Macey' (qv), 'Adam Trent (I)' (qv) and many more. He worked with business partner 'Nina Axelrod' (qv) at Sigil Management from 2005 to 2008. Sigil was a boutique management company that was known for new, raw talent mostly from Colorado. He also worked with Nina as a talent searcher for _Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)_ (qv) and _Great Expectations (1998)_ (qv). After selling a video series 'Choices' still in national distribution he opened AEC Studios in Denver, Colorado with his business partner 'John Crockett (III)' (qv). He produced and directed his first feature in Colorado _Sign of the Times (1999)_ (qv), starring 'Hank Harris (I)' (qv), and 'Tomas Herrera (I)' (qv). Partnering up with long time friend 'Tim Sullivan (IX)' (qv) in 2010 he helped produce the films _One for the Road (2011/I)_ (qv) based on a story by 'Stephen King (I)' (qv) and _I Was a Teenage Werebear (2011)_ (qv) a short campy horror film that is part of the feature film _Chillerama (2011)_ (qv). He is producing and directing the film _College Pranks (2013)_ (qv). He has produced and directed many music videos for such artists as 'Timo Descamps' (qv) and magician 'Adam Trent (I)' (qv). He is the head of development for AEC Studios in Denver and Los Angeles and he continues to produce, direct and cast films, shorts, shows and develop talent.

-   (Stage) Noises Off

-   (Stage) The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe

-   (Stage) Choices

-   (Stage) Bugsy Malone

-   (Stage) Dracula

-   (Commercial) Westmiser Mall

-   (Commercial) Colorado Springs Airport

-   (Commercial) Apple Jacks Winery

-   (Commercial) Macdonald Automotive

-   (Commercial casting) Macdonalds

-   (Commercial casting) AT&T

-   (Commercial casting) Mobil Oil

-   (Commercial casting) Polaroid

-   (Commercial casting) Kraft

-   (Commercial casting) US Army

-   (Commercial casting) Adelphia

-   (Commercial casting) Qdoba

-   (Commercial casting) Gain

-   (Commercial casting) Dish Network

-   (Commercial casting) Phillip Morris

-   (Commercial casting) Denver Post

-   (Commercial casting) Harley Davidson

-   (Commercial casting) PGA

-   (Commercial casting) Nintendo

-   (Commercial casting) Cookie Crisp

-   (Commercial casting) Chevy

-   (Commercial casting) Penzoil

-   (Commercial casting) Kelloggs

-   (Commercial casting) Rubbermaid

-   (Commercial casting) Turner Classic Movies

-   (Commercial casting) Olympic Crunch Cereal

-   (Casting) The Learning Channel

-   (Commercial) Norton Fricky

-   (Commercial) Big Sur Waterbeds

-   (Commercial) Mile High Cable

-   (Commercial) Performing Art Studio

-   (Stage) Choices Live 1993-1996

-   (Commerical casting) Alvert

-   (Commerical casting) VISA

-   (Commerical casting) Wallmart

-   (Commerical casting) Ultra Smart

-   (Commerical casting) Qwest

-   (Commerical casting) Adelphia

-   (Commerical casting) Marlbro

-   Official Judge (Miss Wyoming USA and Miss Teen Wyoming USA Pageant 2006)

-   (Commercial) Volkswagen Directors reel

-   Official Judge (Miss Colorado USA Pageant 2006)

-   Member of Headgames Improv Troop (1993-1997)

-   Member of Institution Improv Comedy Troop (1997-2000)

-   (Stage) "Losing It", Director

-   Member "Mouth Off Improv Troop" 2006

-   Emmy Judge (Ohio Valley)

-   Official Judge (Miss Minnesota USA and Miss Teen Minnesota USA Pageant 2007)

-   Emmy Judge (Florida 2005)

-   Adam Trent Music and Magic tour 2007 (Tour Manager)

-   Official Judge (Miss Wisconsin USA and Miss Teen Wisconsin USA Pageant 2008)

-   Official Judge (Miss Colorado USA and Miss Teen Colorado USA Pageant 2007)

-   Official Judge (Miss Wyoming USA and Miss Teen Wyoming USA Pageant 2008)

-   Official Judge (Miss Colorado USA and Miss Teen Colorado USA Pageant 2008)

-   Official Judge (Miss Minnesota USA and Miss Teen Minnesota USA Pageant 2008)

-   Director - Adam Trent, Mr. Incredible - music video

-   Director - Fierce Bad Rabbit - music video

-   (Commercial Casting) Reebox (2012)

-   (Commercial Casting) Walmart Denver (2012)

-   (Commercial Casting) Walmart National. LA (2012)

-   (Commercial Casting) Spyder Motocycles (2012)

-   "The Denver Trade" (USA), 1 December 2004, Vol. 1, Iss. 3, pg. 2, by: Steve Duncan, "TV/Film Company Opens In Big D"

-   "The Denver Trade" (USA), 2 April 2002, Vol. 2, Iss. 2, pg. Cover, by: Scott Summer, "Colorado Film Makers Receive Greenlight Award"

-   "Greeley Tribune" (USA), 5 October 1995, by: Cameron Gillie, "Making Choices"

-   "Coloradoan" (USA), 16 November 1993, by: Judy Drennen, "Decisions"

-   "Colorado Expressions" (USA), 20 November 2006, pg. 35, by: Meredith Darnell, "It's all about the goods...or is it.?"

-   "Group" (USA), 17 June 1994, pg. Cover, "How to Disarm Difficult People"

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  1. Creep! (2014) (associate producer)
  2. Extreme Tag (2013) (associate producer)
  3. The Poet in Exile (2013) (associate producer)
  4. Logic of Being (2013) (producer)
  5. College Pranks (2013) (producer)
  6. Seeta's Demon (2013) (producer)
  7. Driven (2013/II) (producer)
  8. Even More: Behind the Scenes of the Making of 'More' (2012) (producer)
  9. Thursday Night Special (2012) (producer)
  10. Mean Old World (2012) {{SUSPENDED}} (associate producer)
  11. More (2012) (producer)
  12. Chillerama: House of Psycho Charger (2012) (V) (associate producer)
  13. Cut/Print (2012) (co-executive producer)
  14. The Locals (2011) (producer)
  15. Full Moon Fever: Behind the scenes of I was a Teenage Werebear (2011) (producer)
  16. Hitmen: A Day's Work (2011) (producer)
  17. Hitmen: Check Please (2011) (producer)
  18. Hitmen: Going Shopping (2011) (producer)
  19. Hitmen: Last Call (2011) (producer)
  20. Hitmen: Lunch Date (2011) (producer)
  21. I Was a Teenage Werebear (2011) (co-producer)
  22. Animal Bar (2011) (associate producer)
  23. Mock Scenes (2011) (producer)
  24. Assassins' Code (2011) (line producer)
  25. Chillerama (2011) (co-producer) (segment "I was a Teenage Werebear")
  26. One for the Road (2011/I) (producer)
  27. Paint the Sky (2011) (associate producer)
  28. Three Sister's Laundry (2010) (producer)
  29. Intrusion (2010/I) (producer)
  30. Mr. Incredible (2010) (V) (producer)
  31. The Girl in the Mirror (2010/I) (producer)
  32. Through My Eyes (2009) (co-producer)
  33. Indie (2009) (producer)
  34. The Devils Bullets (2009) (co-producer)
  35. ER EXperience (2009) (producer)
  36. Virtually Funny (2006) (V) (producer)
  37. Actors Boot Camp (2006) (V) (producer)
  38. Adam Trent: Real Magic (2006) (V) (executive producer)
  39. Real Magic Live (2006) (V) (producer)
  40. The Date (2006/II) (producer)
  41. The Chris Moore Challenge (2001) (V) (producer)
  42. Sign of the Times (1999) (producer)
  43. Touchy Situation (1996) (V) (producer)
  44. Trigger Happy (1996) (V) (producer)
  45. Undesignated Driver (1996) (V) (producer)
  46. Hooked (1996) (V) (producer)
  47. By No Means (1996) (V) (producer)
  48. Dead Drunk (1996) (V) (producer)
  49. Emotional Wreck (1996) (V) (producer)


  1. Call of the Wild (2009) (acting coach: Kameron Knox) (uncredited)
  2. Chainsaw Sofa Exorcist (2009) (acting coach)
  3. Life Out of Place (2009) (acting coach)
  4. My Step-Dad's a Freakin' Vampire (2009) (acting coach: Brandon Martin)
  5. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) (acting coach: Jonathon Trent) (uncredited)
  6. Ichabod! (2004) (talent searcher)
  7. This Is How the World Ends (2000) (TV) (acting coach: Alan Simpson) (uncredited)
  8. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) (talent searcher)
  9. Great Expectations (1998) (talent searcher)