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William M. Mechanic

-   CEO and Chairman of Fox Studios (1996-2000). He was allegedly fired because of _Fight Club (1999)_ (qv) , which only made $37 million at the American box office.

-   Member of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Executives Branch) [2002-2005]

-   For a start, evil out of the hands of innocence is always interesting. [on the recent popularity of child-monster in horror movies (2005)]

-   When you had Gone With the Wind, the system was much more controlled. Movies were 90% of the leisure-time activities. Movies are now probably 10%, so you're fighting a confluence of other media. Driving through not just the clutter of other movies, but the clutter of entertainment, concerts, music, cable, satellite, you name it.

-   Everybody is about basically the same kind of thing, caught in a spiral of stupid budgets, with everybody relying 100% on these big movies when the name of the game is not making the same thing all the time. You can't afford to have 12 blockbusters a year. The idea has gotten empty. We went from the point where $100m should be like touching scalding coals to the point where it's something you roast chestnuts on. [August 2005]

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