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Deron John Miller
21 May 1976, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

-   'Felissa Rose' (qv) (17 October 2004 - present); 2 children

-   Guitarist and lead singer for CKY, along with 'Jess Margera' (qv) and 'Chad Ginsburg' (qv).

-   Only plays on 4 strings. He says the two highest pitched strings "annoy him".

-   Has been playing guitar since he was 8.

-   Named his band "camp kill yourself" he said he wanted something that sounded like a band name mixed with a horror movie.

-   Has his wife's name "Felissa" tattooed on ring finger

-   Daughter, Bianca Rose Miller, born June 8, 2005 in LA

-   His wife, Felissa Rose, was the star of his favorite movie as a child, Sleepaway Camp. So as a child, he would watch a movie starring his future wife.

-   Currently lives in California with wife Felissa and their daughter Bianca Rose Miller.

-   Deron is contributing to James Murphy's Death tribute album and is the person who initially thought of the idea of the album. His two main inspirations are Chuck Schuldiner and James Murphy.

-   Deron's previous bands include This End Up, Oil, and Foreign Objects (band).

-   On June 28th, 2006, Deron Miller announced that he would use the month of July to enter a detox program to cope with his substance abuse problems and rising tensions as a traveling musician. This announcement came four days after Deron suddenly walked off the stage during a concert in Burlington, Vermont.

-   Daughter, Lola Marue Miller, born March 4, 2007.

-   (July 2004) Beginning work on "A Moth to the Flame"

-   (August 2005) Promoting CKY's new album "An Answer Can Be Found" on the Rock Adio Tour with the Knives and Fireball Ministry.

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