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André Marc Schneider
10 March 1978, Hildesheim, Germany
181 cm

-   Trained at the 'Lee Strasberg' (qv) Institute in New York.

-   Good friends with 'Barbara Kowa' (qv), 'Allegra Curtis' (qv), 'Marc Bluhm' (qv), 'Laurent Delpit' (qv), 'Léonard Lasry' (qv), and 'Ralf Leutheuser' (qv).

-   Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and German.

-   Started out as a stand-up comedian in Great Britain, Ireland, and Germany, and performed regularly for almost six years. His first show was entitled "Giving Till It Hurts" (2001), his last one was "Freaky Balls" (2008).

-   Unsuccessfully auditioned for parts in _Die Another Day (2002)_ (qv), _Herr Lehmann (2003)_ (qv), _Beyond the Sea (2004)_ (qv), _De-Lovely (2004)_ (qv), and _Los cronocrímenes (2007)_ (qv). He turned down the role in _The Brøken (2008)_ (qv) that eventually went to 'Damian O'Hare' (qv).

-   His younger sister Nadine Christine is an architect.

-   Is a great 'Marisa Mell' (qv) fan and has a huge collection of her films.

-   He founded his own production company, Vivàsvan Pictures, in 2003.

-   In March 2004, when Andre had just turned 26, his long-term partner 'Markus Henkel (I)' (qv) committed suicide. Andre was right in the middle of producing his first film, _Deed Poll (2004)_ (qv). He later dedicated the film to his dead friend and claimed in several interviews that _Deed Poll (2004)_ (qv) was his most important film.

-   Nephew of 'Udo Schneider' (qv).

-   Between 1999 and 2002, he studied Ancient Indian Laguages (Sanskrit, Pakrit, and Hindi) and Indian Art History at the Freie Universität in Berlin.

-   In "Freaky Balls", he stated that the movie _Without You I'm Nothing (1990)_ (qv) had saved his life as a teenager.

-   He once wrote that watching 'Kim Stanley (I)' (qv)'s performance in _Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964)_ (qv) was a life-altering experience for him and had changed his view on acting forever.

-   He has a dog named Chelito (meaning "Little Pal" in Spanish) that he rescued from a municipal kennel's killing station in 2007. Chelito has appeared in some of his movies and music videos.

-   His favorite club is "La Maroquinerie" in Paris.

-   Grew up in Harsum, Lower Saxony, in the very same street as 'Diane Kruger' (qv), but they never really met.

-   On his album "Letters from the Whorehouse Exile", he covered songs by 'Eminem' (qv), 'Tori Amos' (qv), 'Perry Blake' (qv), 'Marianne Faithfull' (qv), and his friend 'Tanja Ries' (qv).

-   Pierre Salducci, head of the prestigious French-speaking Dunas Festival in Spain, invited him to be one of 2012's guests of honor to present his movie _Le deuxième commencement (2012)_ (qv) there. Andre was the first German ever to be invited to this festival.

-   Suffered a nervous breakdown after finishing _Männer zum Knutschen (2012)_ (qv) in October 2010. He had been working non-stop for 34 weeks, up to 19 hours each day.

-   (2005) CD: "Letters From the Whorehouse Exile"

-   (2004) CD: "Lover's Space"

-   (2000) CD: "Geben bis es schmerzt"

-   (1997) CD: "Sleepless Cities"

-   Appeared in the music video "Wig the Dick" by Tohuwabohu, directed by 'Ingo J. Biermann' (qv).

-   Directed and appeared in the music video "herzwärts" by 'Tanja Ries' (qv).

-   (2004) Book: "Life is a Sexually Transmitted Disease".

-   (2001) Comedy show: "Giving Till It Hurts".

-   (2005) Book: "Die Sprache der Scherben".

-   (2009) Release of four books, three in German, one in English: "Der Mann im Keller", "Ende. Ein Drehbuch", "Aus der Umarmung des Wassers", and "Deed Poll".

-   (2002) Comedy shows: "Diary of a Pu


-  yeater" and "(Comedic) Appetite".

-   (2004) Comedy show: "Confessions of a Pretty Boy".

-   (2008) Comedy show: "Freaky Balls".

-   How can there be peace on earth when there's war in love?

-   I'd never call anyone ugly, because no-one really is. I don't wanna become religious now, but the magic of creation and love makes us all little miracles, you see, and it surely takes beauty to see beauty. Personally, I've always been drawn to the less obvious beauty, the hidden facets of human beings. I guess in that sense I am an explorer and adventurer. Some people are just so fascinating, I could study them forever.

-   After 16 years in the business, _Le deuxième commencement (2012)_ (qv) was the first movie I really enjoyed doing. And I really cherished every second of it.

-   I hear 'Orlando Bloom' (qv)'s getting married. To a woman.

-   Both women and men can relate to the woman and the man inside me.

-   I was actually straight until I heard 'Denis Leary' (qv)'s voice for the first time.

-   This guy was heavy into fisting. When we met, his asshole already looked like a wizard's sleeve.

-   Too old? Listen, I still can do the same things I did when I was 18. Well, okay, not in the same week, but I still can do them!

-   Of course I didn't miss _Salt (2010)_ (qv)! How could I? Watching 'Angelina Jolie' (qv) on a sodium-free diet was the most engrossing movie experience of my life! I tell you, if that woman stops pumping up her lips, a lot is gonna be revealed, and I don't think it's gonna be pretty. That's the bottom line.

-   Love is like a fart; if you have to force it, it's probably shit.

-   I don't regret having made _Alex und der Löwe (2010)_ (qv), I only wish it would've been watchable.

-   I recently made out with a woman. You're surprised? Yeah, I was, too. And I assume it was an awkward experience for her as well; I mean, it was the only time that I was truly a bottom.

-   If cocks had wheels, some tongues would be freeways.

-   I don't know about the contemporary music now in Germany, but definitely throughout the centuries and, of course, more interesting for me, the beginning of the last century and the twenties in the literature and poetry and maybe paintings, there's always this - sehnsucht, this longing to get somewhere or to get something, or to go somewhere where it is impossible to go, you know. To look for the impossible. The conflict of Faust, the impossibility to be happy; to hold the moment in order to enjoy the moment, to stop time - the Faust conflict, and I mean, this - I think Goethe, he really, he knew, a few centuries ago. And that's true, that maybe this is, this kind of dark spirit... But also I would say this dark spirit is very much in the Norwegian, like Strindberg, and also in the Russian writers very much. It's not really only the Germans. Everywhere, I would say, that situations were broken and where kind of pressure was put on people. And even then, in freedom, that, I would say, the spirit was in a very deep way realistic, and not religious. That means, I would say, existentialistic. There is nothing - there is just life, and you've got to go with it, and what you make out of it is your thing. But don't expect there is anything else behind it. The longing that there should be something, but maybe the knowledge that there is not, and then the looking for the sensitivity and sensibility wherever - in nature, or in words, or in writing, or in poetry. Or in music, of course.

-   (February 2012) Paris, France: Living and working.

-   (March 2012) Paris, France: Living and working.

-   "Männer aktuell" (Germany), August 2001, by: Thomas Ruffer, "Boy Next Door"

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