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17 March 1979, Vereeniging, South Africa
182 cm
Wesley Gordon Shacks was born on the 17th of March 1979 in the small town of Vereeniging, South Africa. At age 10 his family located to the east coast of South Africa where he spent most of his younger years growing up until he finished school. Wesley always had the desire to travel and see the world and the opportunity soon came for him when he took his first trip at the age of 21 to the U.K in 2000. Wesley relocated back to South Africa after his stay in London and settled in Cape Town doing part time work as an extra and learning the operations of film sets. His desire to become an actor grew and he enrolled at ACT Cape Town doing various acting classes to learn about the techniques of becoming a professional actor. In between studies he was chosen as a stand in for British Actor Rufus Sewell and Orlando Bloom during each of their respective movies filmed in and around Cape Town. Having started relatively late in his acting career, Wesley's passion for the industry continues to grow and is looking forward to working along side many inspiring actors.
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