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Anthony Marcus Shalhoub
9 October 1953, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
5' 10"
Tony Shalhoub spent his early life in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His father emigrated from Lebanon to the United States as an orphan at the age of ten, later marrying Shalhoub's mother, who herself originated from Lebanon. When Tony was just six, he was introduced to the theater, in a school production of "The King and I". He graduated from Green Bay East High, and then graduated with a bachelor's degree in drama from the University of Southern Maine before progressing to the Yale School of Drama, which he left with a Masters in 1980. After a time in the American Repertory Theatre, he moved to Broadway where he met his future wife, 'Brooke Adams (I)' (qv), whom he married in 1992. She had an adopted daughter, Josie, who was three years old at the time that Tony and Brooke married. Tony adopted Brooke's own adopted child, Josie Lynn (b. 1989) when she was eight. In 1994, the couple adopted another daughter, Sophie. Tony's first audition after arriving in Los Angeles was for Italian cabdriver Antonio Scarpacci in the long-running sitcom _"Wings" (1990)_ (qv), which also starred 'Tim Daly (I)' (qv) and 'Steven Weber (I)' (qv). Next, Tony had roles in _Men in Black (1997)_ (qv), _Men in Black II (2002)_ (qv), and _Thir13en Ghosts (2001)_ (qv). His biggest break came, however, playing the obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk in _"Monk" (2002)_ (qv). The series made him a star and earned him four straight Emmy Award nominations between 2003 and 2006, for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Tony won the trophy in 2003, 2005 and 2006, proving how popular he has become after the success of _"Monk" (2002)_ (qv), which continues to be very popular into its fifth year.
Tristan Rogers

-   'Brooke Adams (I)' (qv) (1992 - present); 2 children

-   Tony is from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

-   Two daughters Josie Lynn (b. 1988 - wife 'Brooke Adams (I)' (qv)' adopted daughter prior to marriage, whom Tony later adopted), and Sophie (b. 1993), adopted by the couple after they married.

-   Cousin of famous Chicago/LA radio personality 'Jonathon Brandmeier' (qv).

-   Attended college at the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine.

-   Sister-in-law is 'Lynne Adams (II)' (qv).

-   Graduated from USM in 1977.

-   Keynote speaker at the University of Southern Maine graduation in 2003, his alma mater

-   Brother of actor 'Michael Shalhoub' (qv), 'Susan Shalhoub Larkin' (qv) and Dan Shalhoub.

-   Has worked both with the Coen Brothers (_Barton Fink (1991)_ (qv), _The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)_ (qv)) and their former cinematographer, 'Barry Sonnenfeld' (qv) (_Addams Family Values (1993)_ (qv), _Men in Black (1997)_ (qv), _Men in Black II (2002)_ (qv)).

-   Attended Yale University, where his friend, 'Jane Kaczmarek' (qv), followed him to after he had encouraged her to shoot for stardom. They had met earlier when both attended the University of Wisconsin.

-   His family left Lebanon because of the civil war.

-   Was nominated for Broadway's 1992 Tony Award as Best Actor (Featured Role - Play) for 'Herb Gardner' (qv)'s "Conversations with My Father."

-   Spent four seasons with the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

-   Was the best man at 'Patricia Heaton' (qv)'s marriage to 'David Hunt (I)' (qv). He knew David pre-Patricia.

-   In 2005, upon winning his second Emmy for _"Monk" (2002)_ (qv), he told his fellow nominees that "there's always next year". Ironically, Shalhoub was the only one of the five actors to be nominated the next year.

-   Is a huge fan of the NFL's Green Bay Packers and holds season tickets.

-   When Shalhoub won the Emmy in 2003 for his leading role of detective Adrian Monk, he dedicated the award to his nephew, 34-year-old Gregg Gensler of Green Bay, who died a day earlier.

-   Is the second youngest of 10 children of the late Joseph and Helen Shalhoub of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

-   Nominated for a 2009 Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for "The Cricket in Times Square".

-   (January 2007) New York City starring in an off-Broadway play called "The Scene" with 'Patricia Heaton' (qv) at the Second Stage Theater until February 11th.

-   (December 2009) His famous show, _"Monk" (2002)_ (qv), has officially ended (on its own terms).

-   (May 2010) Lend Me A Tenor at the Music Box Theater, New York, April-August 2010

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