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Rakhil Dolgorukov
Russian Princess
Born Rakhil Dolgorukov in Russia. Rakhil "Rachel" as she is known in English When she married her hubby Jonathon, she took his Romanian family name of Tepes, using it in the Romanian version. The English translation of Tepes is Impaler. Rachel is known now as Rakhil Dolgorukov Tepes Sharkey. Rachel's parents moved to USA, like many Russians who left Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They settled in Ithaca, New York. Rachel lived in Ithaca, NY until August 2011. Rachel speaks, reads and writes Russian. She also knows some Italian. While growing up, Rachel dreamed of being an actress and/or a model. She was a PA on the film My One and Only in 2009. She used the last name of Allen, which was her father's mother maiden name. She did not want to use her Russian last name, because people have a hard time pronouncing it. Her dream of starring in a feature film has finally happened with her role as Naughtia Petrovna in the feature film The Comeback Fighter. Rachel is reprising the role of Naughtia Petrovna in the featured film The Comeback Fighter: Naughtia's Revenge! Besides writing most of the script, Rachel is the director and executive producer of the film. And a 45 minute movie called; The Comeback Fighter: Naughtia's Revenge! - Naughtia's Demon has begun filming in Tampa. The majority of the Naughtia's Revenge films will be shot in Russia. Unlike most girls her age, Rachel is mature enough to handle the stress of being the executive producer of a featured film. She also can handle the temperament of one of the most egotistical film actors in the world today; her hubby 'Jonathon The Impaler Sharkey' (qv). On Friday, January 13, 2012 Rachel married Jonthon. Rachel has chosen to use Jonathon's Romanian surname of Tepes in the Romanian form, instead of the English form Jonathon uses. Rachel completed film school at the Hollywood Film Institute on January 29, 2012. She then started her own film company; RDTS Productions, which is headquartered in Dmitrov, Russia. Rachel and Jonathon have been through marriage therapy, to work on her aggressive behavior disorder. On Nov. 4, '12 Rakhil's film company became the #1 film related company in Russia. In late Nov '12, Rakhil announced her intentions to succeed President Putin as ruler of Russia.
RDTS Productions

-   'Jonathon The Impaler Sharkey' (qv) (13 January 2012 - present)

-   Russian accent

-   Long hair

-   Rachel is making her feature film acting debut in the featured length version of 'The Comeback Fighter (2011)' as Naughtia.

-   Rachel was raised in Ithaca, New York.

-   Rachel is Russian and part Italian.

-   Rachel speaks and reads Russian.

-   Rachel married her hubby 'Jonathon The Impaler Sharkey' (qv) (Mr. Impaler) at midnight on Friday The 13th (Jan. '12).

-   In Feb. '12, Rachel with help from her hubby, wrote her first featured film script entitled 'The Comeback Fighter': Naughtia's Revenge.

-   Rachel went to the Hollywood Film Institute and completed film school on 1.29.12.

-   On Nov. 4, '12 Rakhil's film company RDTS Productions was ranked #1 film related company in her homeland of Russia.

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