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Helene Marie Taylor
19 August 1973, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
5' 4 1/2"
Helene Taylor was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As a child she was involved in performing arts and received a performing arts scholarship. Her parents brought her up very strictly and she was not allowed to read comic books, watch much television and was required to eat very organically. She was raised hiking the back mountains and enjoying the outdoors, however she has confessed to being a child TV addict getting up at four in the morning to sneak watching TV for hours on end. She was an "Annie" addict and belted show tunes out to anyone who would listen. She performed for everyone and anyone and could often be seen doing short skits at the end of her driveway to pedestrians and cars driving by. She wrote and hosted a local cable recycling program for two seasons winning a Canadian Television Award. She studied at Vancouver's William Davis Centre and soon became involved in the local film and television scene. Helene moved to New York in 2002. She worked the indie film scene starring in over 30 independent films. She boasts she has a film credit in every NYU Film grad's thesis project between 2002-2008, whether that is true is to be challenged. She graduated LAByrinth Theater Company's Master Program (co-artistic director Philip Seymour Hoffman) in 2004 and Atlantic Theater Company Acting School's reputable spring intensive program. The Atlantic was founded by David Mamet and William H. Macy. She had the opportunity to improvise for sound recordings alongside Neil LaBute and Ed Harris as the daughter of Ed Harris' character in LaBute's play "Wrecks". She has a reputation among friends as a television addict, her habit started young and continues to this day.

-   She was a ski guide for Whistler/Blackcomb mountain.

-   She lives in New York City.

-   She volunteers her time for non-profit causes that matter to her.

-   Her favorite character is 'SuperHot Girl' from her comedic play 'SuperHot Girl Strikes!'. She is a superhero who gets her girl status revoked after turning 30.

-   She is a closet screenplay writer and playwright.

-   She is obsessed with skin care products and writes a beauty blog sharing her discoveries under the pseudo name Beauty Cutie Dishes.

-   If I hear 'it's not easy making it in this biz' one more time, I'll scream. No one ever gets in to this business because it's easy. They do it because they have to. They do it because they can't imagine doing anything else. That little 'fact' has never made a difference to any successful actor.

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