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5' 6"
Actress/Singer/Model/Song writer/Host of TV Show "Living the Dream" Houston Market, from Houston Tx, originally from Port Arthur TX, loves the arts and Started out as a runway model at 7. Now as an adult active in the Houston Film Community and Entertainment Community as a singer and actress she is "Living the Dream". Some of her influences have been Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler, and Jim Carey to name a few.

-   TV commercial: Willy Rays BBQ

-   TV commercial: Conn's Appliance

-   TV commercial: Texas Lottery Power Ball

-   TV commercial: Harrah Casino

-   (2012)Headhunter-actress-featured extra-bar/hotel scene-Houston TX

-   "C-47 Houston Magazine" (USA), 1 September 2010, Vol. 2, Iss. 3, pg. 7, by: Hector Luna, "Meet actress Georgette Trevino"

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