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Alexandar Roy Wagner
5' 10 1/2"
Alexandar Wagner was born to parents Sheila Wagner (DuMont) and Mark R. Wagner. From a very young age he was involved in sports and community as his parents were founders of a local football organization and ran the organization for three years. When Alex was ten years old his mother and father split up at this time he used a video camera to film and take stress away from himself by filming him and his friends. By the age of fourteen Alex had started creating web shorts on the site called ifilm and later on youtube. As the age of seventeen Alex created an online site and fan zone for his schools sports teams filming over fifty events throughout the year and gaining wide popularity in his community. His first extended short film "Blackout" (Later titled "The Blackout Files") that he created his last semester of high school was an experience as a senior in high school that helped Alex understand and develop his talent. After high school he went on to study at a Ai school of art. He continued to film live events for Genoa-Kingston high school and submitted his college application to Columbia College Chicago and because of his tight connections to the members of the Genoa-Kingston school community his letters of recommendation helped his approval to Columbia tremendously. Once excepted to Columbia, Alex continued the rest of the year at home just filming live events at Genoa-Kingston High School. In the fall Alex started at Columbia College in the month of September he was shown on ESPN for his Genoa-Kingston football clip of a quarterback's amazing touchdown. The nationwide success led to Alexandar becoming a partner with youtube and gaining revenue for his work with Genoa-Kingston High School. In December of 2010 he completed his first official short film "For What It's Worth" which has been submitted to yourindiefilm and MUD as well as a few local festivals.
Alexandar Wagner

-   (2009-2011) Web Series for The Cog Spot - Director (2011) Web Series for Sports Madness - Director

-   (January 2011) Alexandar Wagner is still continuing his education at columbia college and though his content on youtube and Genoa-Kingston High School is dwindling he continues to bring new content to the community on a weekly basis.

-   (January 2012) Alexandar Wagner is still continuing his education at Columbia College Chicago with a concentration in producing. He is in preproduction for his first feature film which is an adaptation of his latest short, Avoiding Forever. The film is scheduled to start preliminary photography in June of 2012.

-   "Daily Chronicle" (USA), 14 October 2010, Vol. 1, Iss. A, pg. 1-2, by: Jeremy Remeny, "Cogs Get Crazy"

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