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Carl A. Weyant
Carl Diesel Lucci
4 October 1983, Queens, New York City, New York, USA
5' 9"
Carlucci Weyant made his debut as the male lead in the psychological thriller _Karma: Crime. Passion. Reincarnation (2008)_ (qv), which premiered at the Cannes Film festival in May of 2008. Along with the subsequent extensive film offers based on his performance, his recognition led to numerous write ups in international newspapers and magazines including the widely known Hollywood Reporter and Variety magazine. At just eighteen years old, he began his career as a model for many quality companies such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Audiovox and Structure. An offer in an after-school family movie titled _Scattered and Saved (2006)_ (qv), created the buzz about him as an actor. Shortly after, Carlucci received roles in the films _The Memory Thief (2007)_ (qv), _"The Young and the Restless" (1973)_ (qv), and _Truly (1998)_ (qv). A natural born net worker, he has built extensive networks and opened distribution channels from traditional marketing to cutting edge viral campaigns. Carlucci has formed teams of personnel to organize and implement marketing and development of various projects and services for a number of businesses in the entertainment industry. Carlucci brings a global position to projects along with distribution and production channels as well as a high degree of business savvy and corporate leadership experience including management, marketing, promotions, production and media. This New York native is a classically trained actor and has relationships with some of the top minds in Hollywood, including foreign and domestic entertainment entities including A-list directors, producers and actors. Carlucci also acquires and develops future creative properties by utilizing his domestic and foreign connections, therefore exploiting the corporate brand in foreign territories. In 2006, Carlucci opened Double Helix Entertainment along with famed actor 'Johnny Yong Bosch' (qv). He envisioned a production company to develop and produce original quality theatrical motion pictures that contained a lucrative genre and budget, maximizing initial company profits while minimizing the risks. Double Helix Entertainment is highly selective with projects that corresponds with the company's mantra to "Dream, Create and Inspire" the world of entertainment.

-   Plays guitar, bass, drums, and piano.

-   Former Producing partner with 'Rande Scott' (qv) of Scott and Weyant Pictures.

-   Is an artist, musician and athlete.

-   Is of Italian, Colombian and Irish descent.

-   Has partnered with 'Johnny Yong Bosch' (qv) to form Double Helix Entertainment.

-   Voted most beautiful man for the month of December.

-   "Everything you want is right outside your comfort zone."

-   Credits his family for his success. -- 2B Exposed Interview, May 2006

-   His acting idols and influences are 'Robert De Niro' (qv), 'Johnny Depp' (qv), 'James Dean (I)' (qv), 'Al Pacino' (qv) and 'Marlon Brando' (qv).

-   In high school was a member of the football, track and soccer teams.

-   Is a huge fan of the band 'Metallica' (qv).

-   Great admirer of 'Robert De Niro' (qv), 'Johnny Depp' (qv) and 'James Dean (I)' (qv).

-   The oldest of the three children, he has two sisters.

-   2006 - All woman magazine names Carlucci Weyant as one of today's 50 most beautiful people in the world.

-   Worked as a Model for numerous clothing companies

-   Living at risk is jumping off a cliff and building your wings on the way down

-   Everything you want is right outside your comfort zone.

-   As far as being a role model, it's definitely an ultimate goal of mine. Celebrities have the power to influence, so why not use it in a positive light. I love kids and If I can touch one's life, then this trip we call life was well worth it. -- 2B Exposed Interview, May 2006

-   (October 2005) Cast to co-star in 'Robert J. Hyatt''s new psychological thriller, "Yours Truly" which is set to be shot in San Rosarito, Mexico and San Diego, California for 2006. Carlucci also is co-producing with 'Robert J. Hyatt' and partner Rande Scott under Sea Wolf Films,Inc. In development on a feature film alongside producers 'Joseph A. Reilly (I)' (qv) and 'Steele Shannon' (qv) of 'Oak Films', LLC. and 'Bobby Moresco' of "Crash" and "Million Dollar Baby"

-   (February 2006) Set to play in Plastic the movie. The Controversial true story of Mike and James.

-   (March 2006) In Production of Feature Film "Stray" with Johnny Yong Bosch.

-   (January 2008) Filming "Karma" a historical $5 Million Dollar film starring Carlucci Weyant, Alma Saraci and DJ Perry. Written by Vivek Singhania, Produced by Golden Ticket Films

-   "Gulf Times" (USA), 10 February 2008, by: Ians, "Hollywood movie spins a mystery in idyllic Ooty"

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