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5' 10"
Jesse demonstrated his talents early in life, when in grade school at Mabry Elementary School (Tampa, FL) he was in talent shows for three consecutive school years. He had an extraordinary ability to voice impersonate cartoon characters, actors and etc. Furthermore, he was part of the grade school's first radio show entitled "DM84." He would later attend high school at H.B. Plant High with such talents as Morgan Simpson, Charlie Poe, Terryn Westbrook, Aubrey Chandler, Darla Delgado and Jennifer Williamson. Jesse's upbringing took place in Tampa, Florida but later he moved to Ponchatoula, Louisiana where he has recently been part of web series, television and film/movie productions. In the film industry he has worked with such directors as Gary Fleder, Spike Lee, Scott Sanders, Chris Brinker, Brian Miller, Stephen Furst and Jimi Woods.
J.T. Halbrook

-   'Lori Yarborough' (qv) (21 November 2005 - present)

-   He was raised in Tampa, Florida, and later relocated to Louisiana.

-   When he was in grade school, he was part of three talent shows.

-   His great grandfather Oscar J. Yarborough starred in one of the first films entirely filmed in Louisiana known as "The Louisiana Story (Cajun).".

-   (August 2012) Ponchatoula, LA, USA: Seeking extra work and acting roles in TV and film.

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