9 Full Moons (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Clever Creatures [us]
Frankies Moons [us]
Urban Tales Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Almagor, Shane as [Shane]
  2. Artest, Ron as [Jason]
  3. Averbuch, Uri as [Uri]
  4. Barsness, Max as [Corby Crosby]
  5. Boutilier, André as [Businessman at the bar]
  6. Capone, Joey as [Sam]
  7. Cevic, Chris Ivan as [Jon]
  8. Coyle, Morty as [Jack- AA Moderator]
  9. Darling, James (III) as [Party guest]
  10. Detanna, Brad as [Dr. D]
  11. Dimassis, Christo as [Mike]
  12. Duval, James (I) as [Terry]
  13. Frost, Michael (III) as [Lucian]
  14. Gamburg, Daniel (I) as [Victor]
  15. Gamburg, Daniel (VI) as [Victor]
  16. Godfrey, Garr as [Park Ranger]
  17. Griesenbeck, Corby as [Toby Crosby]
  18. Groman, Jason (I) as [Businessman At The Bar]
  19. Groman, Jason (II) as [Businessman at the bar]
  20. Groman, Jason (III) as [Brian- Business man in bar]
  21. Logue, Donal as [Charlie King Nash] <3>
  22. Mander, David as [Gun specalist]
  23. Markland, John as [Omar]
  24. McGuire, Brian (I) as [Ronnie]
  25. Minnick, Danny as [Donny]
  26. Morgan, Dru as [Lobo]
  27. Patten, Alex as [Man at the park]
  28. Roberts, Bret as [Lev] <2>
  29. Sapienza, Al as [Dr. Phelps]
  30. Schubert, Stephen as [Adam- Painter in bar]
  31. Southwick, Brad (IV) as [Jim Rose]
  32. Southwick, Kingston Rumi as [Josh Stevens]
  33. Sparks, Logan as [Ian]
  34. Stanton, Harry Dean as [Dimitri]
  35. Timms, Foster as [Spencer Walsh]
  36. Adlon, Pamela as [Rachel Stevens]
  37. Almagor, Gabrielle as [Yard sale mom]
  38. Bahr, Iris as [Keren]
  39. Caplan, Twink as [Anna]
  40. Davie-Blue as [Noel]
  41. Dickey, Dale as [Billie]
  42. Dornfeld, Jade as [Mandy]
  43. Gaia, Annie (I) as [Dimples Monroe]
  44. Harmon, Christina as [Waitress]
  45. Krausz, Elana as [Grace]
  46. LeEllen, Melissa as [Anesthesiologist]
  47. Loughran, Tara as [Raver]
  48. Mokrani, Farah as [Bella]
  49. Mokrani, Teri as [Kitty]
  50. New, Lorielle as [Lorielle]
  51. Newton, Tipper as [Sadie]
  52. Randall, Chrissy as [Serafina]
  53. Royce, Lauren as [Diva]
  54. Seimetz, Amy as [Frankie] <1>
  55. Smith, Rose Marie as [Woman at the park]
  56. Southwick, Nancy as [Kim Rose]
  57. Ulibarri, Fernanda as [Marianne]


  1. Drama
  2. Romance

Music Composers

  1. Speaker, Ted (I)


  1. Murphy, Robert (V)

Dress Designers

  1. Moro, Jane


  1. Almagor, Gabrielle (story by)
  2. Almagor, Tomer (story by)
  3. Dawood, Mustan (production assistant)
  4. Elliott, Jeremy (II) (location manager)
  5. Kuangvanh, Nitsa (production assistant)
  6. Sadeghi, Neema (director: behind the scenes)
  7. Schneiderman, Nolan Danger (key set production assistant)
  8. Tran, Thy (media manager)
  9. Williams, Jeremy (XXV) (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA