A Standing Still (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Scott Ballard Films [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 1 January 2014

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Full Cast

  1. Fitzpatrick, Dennis (II) as [Johnny]
  2. Haege, Joe as [Paul]
  3. Hobart, Morgan as [Chris]
  4. Morales, Dave as [Dave]
  5. Rooney, Ted (I) as [Jack]
  6. Carver, Megan as
  7. Hamblin, Jana Lee as [Linda]
  8. McGarry, Erin (III) as [Marlo]
  9. O Grady, Katie as [Ruby]
  10. Perrell Fosket, Rachael as (as Rachael Perrell)
  11. Robbin, Sara as [Allison] <1>
  12. Smith, Tanya (I) as [Emily]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

A Standing Still is the second feature film from Scott Ballard Films. It revolves around a young woman, Allison, as she struggles with the future in the midst of loss and displacement. Allison works as a fire lookout in the Willamette National Forest. When she is called down early for a medical emergency with her father, she is forced to face the present and the past that has led her there. Focusing on family dynamics & personal displacement, the film aligns impeccable acting with the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The film is was shot on three formats, one for each act of the film: Super 16mm, HD, and 35mm. Scott Ballard Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 35,000


  1. Ballard, Scott (II)

Film Editors

  1. McGillicuddy, Kelly

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Portland, Oregon, USA