"'Allo 'Allo!" (1982) {The Airmen De-Nicked (#6.5)} TV Season

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Overview "'Allo 'Allo!" Season 06 Episode 05 (S06E05)



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7.8/ 10 (22 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 30 September 1989
(Netherlands) - 9 August 1991

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Full Cast

  1. Bostrom, Arthur as [Officer Crabtree] <10>
  2. Collins, John D. as [Flying Officer Fairfax] <16>
  3. Frankau, Nicholas as [Flying Officer Carstairs] <17>
  4. Gibson, Richard (I) as [Herr Otto Flick] <7>
  5. Kaye, Gorden as [René Artois] <1>
  6. Leader, Howard as [German Soldier #2] <19>
  7. Mansi, Louis as (as John Louis Mansi) [Herr Engelbert von Smallhausen] <8>
  8. Marner, Richard as [Colonel Kurt von Strohm] <5>
  9. McLaren, Ian (II) as [Guard] <20>
  10. Richards, Gavin (I) as [Captain Alberto Bertorelli] <9>
  11. Royle, Derek as [Ernest Leclerc] <13>
  12. Siner, Guy as [Lieutenant Hubert Gruber] <4>
  13. Smith, Trevor T. as [German Soldier #1] <18>
  14. Cooke, Kirsten as [Michelle Dubois] <11>
  15. Hartman, Kim as [Lance Corporal Helga Geerhart] <6>
  16. Hill, Rose (I) as [Madame Fanny] <12>
  17. Hodge, Sue as [Mimi Labonq] <14>
  18. Michelle, Vicki as [Yvette Carte-Blanche] <3>
  19. Scholfield, Phoebe as [Henriette] <15>
  20. Silvera, Carmen as [Edith Artois] <2>

Full Plot

Flick and Von Smallhausen are interrogated by the general for impersonating army officers but released on the orders of Himmler - thanks to Helga. A party of intelligence officers are visiting and the Resistance plan to hi-jack their car,steal their uniforms and that way infiltrate the chateau to get the airmen out. Rene and Edith are the reluctant 'intelligence officers' but the plan works fairly well until the couple find themselves handcuffed to the airmen whilst the key to unlock them is in Berlin. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found

Dress Designers

  1. Napier, Sheena

Film Editors

  1. Poole, Rob (II)


  1. Cockcroft, Nikki (production assistant)
  2. Garland, Charles (assistant floor manager)
  3. Moore, Nick (VIII) (technical coordinator)
  4. Oldfield, Kenn (choreographer) (as Ken Oldfield)