"'Allo 'Allo!" (1982) {The Flying Nun (#4.4)} TV Season

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Overview "'Allo 'Allo!" Season 04 Episode 04 (S04E04)



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8.6/ 10 (47 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 28 November 1987
(Sweden) - 25 November 1988

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Full Cast

  1. Bostrom, Arthur as [Officer Crabtree] <11>
  2. Collins, John D. as [Flying Officer Fairfax] <2>
  3. Connor, Kenneth as [Monsieur Alfonse] <12>
  4. Frankau, Nicholas as [Flying Officer Carstairs] <3>
  5. Gibson, Richard (I) as [Herr Otto Flick] <5>
  6. Haig, Jack as [Roger Leclerc] <16>
  7. Kaye, Gorden as [René Artois] <1>
  8. Malin, Bill (I) as [Soldier] <19>
  9. Mansi, Louis as (as John Louis Mansi) [Herr Engelbert von Smallhausen] <6>
  10. Marner, Richard as [Colonel Kurt von Strohm] <14>
  11. Minster, Hilary as [General Erich von Klinkerhoffen] <18>
  12. Richards, Gavin (I) as [Captain Alberto Bertorelli] <15>
  13. Siner, Guy as [Lieutenant Hubert Gruber] <13>
  14. Cooke, Kirsten as [Michelle Dubois] <10>
  15. Hartman, Kim as [Private Helga Geerhart] <7>
  16. Hill, Rose (I) as [Madame Fanny] <17>
  17. Hodge, Sue as [Mimi Labonq] <9>
  18. Michelle, Vicki as [Yvette Carte-Blanche] <8>
  19. Silvera, Carmen as [Edith Artois] <4>

Full Plot

Flick suspects Von Strohm and the general of being part of a plot to kill Hitler and plants a microphone,disguised as a daffodil,in the general's office but the only conversation is the Germans trying to get rid of Bertorelli. The Resistance need an aerial to be placed above Flick's jamming signal to block it out so Mimi,dressed as a nun,is sent up in the air attached to a box kite. She asks London to send explosives. Alphonse catches Rene and Yvette at it and regards Edith as back on the market. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found

Dress Designers

  1. Dyall, Christian

Film Editors

  1. Dunstan, John (I)
  2. Wadsworth, Chris (videotape editor)


  1. Darnell, Bernadette (production team)
  2. Dyson, Arch (production team)


Gen. Von Klinkerhoffen: Unfortunately the Führer has more confidence in his astrologers than in his generals. He is waiting for an omen to start the invasion. [Mimi, dressed as a nun and attached to a kite, floats past the car.] Col. Von Strom: Would he regard a flying nun as a good omen?