Atlanta to New York (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
New Urban Cinema [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 18 May 2013

Running Time

All's fair in love and show business.

african-american, atlanta-georgia, black-american, black-romance, love, new-york-city,

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Full Cast

  1. Alessi, David as (rumored) [New York City Police Officer]
  2. Aziz, Adria Malcom as (rumored) [Monica]
  3. Baker, Loren L. as [Ethan Spencer]
  4. Carr, Michael (XXVII) as (rumored) [Waiter]
  5. Clevenger, Gary as (rumored) [Movie Executive]
  6. Goudy, Ty as (rumored) [Jack Childress]
  7. James, Darnell as (rumored) [Guy #2]
  8. Lee, Jonathon (II) as [Bubbles]
  9. Mcalister, Isaac as (rumored) [BTN Employee]
  10. Michaels, Brian (III) as (rumored) [Johnny Escobar]
  11. Mott, Brian (IV) as (rumored) [Pete Connors]
  12. Ratliff, Marlon as [Antonio]
  13. Raymond, Ladarian as [Montrell Simmons]
  14. Ross, Ajairus as (rumored) [Restaurant Patron]
  15. Royalty, Sen as (rumored) [Guy #1]
  16. Sanchez, Juan (XXVI) as (rumored) [Frank]
  17. Simpson, Kristopher as (rumored) [Ed Little]
  18. Steele, Terence V. as (rumored) [DVD Man]
  19. Swift, Joe (IV) as (rumored) [Movie Executive]
  20. Walker, Terrence V. as (rumored) [Restaurant Patron]
  21. Baldwin, Kerri J. as [Caroline Escobar]
  22. Breezy, B. as (rumored) [Jasmine Randolph]
  23. Chan, Hannah as (rumored) [BTN Receptionist]
  24. Foster, Nauctica as (rumored) [Young Lady Fan]
  25. Grimsley, Roxanne as (rumored) [Restaurant Patron]
  26. Guesby, Gina Lynn as [Board Member]
  27. Hammond, Joy as [Ashley]
  28. Hood, Acee as (rumored) [Kid in the Park]
  29. Howell, Audrena as (rumored) [Hairdresser]
  30. Huh, Jin as [Rebecca]
  31. Lopez, Alejandra (IV) as (rumored) [Beauty Salon Patron]
  32. Mackey, Alexus as (rumored) [Beauty Salon Patron]
  33. Medley, Kye as (rumored) [Candace]
  34. Muhammad, Nia Iman as [Mya]
  35. Oberer, Angela as [Waitress #2]
  36. Parrott, Suzanne as [Salon Stylist]
  37. Pelaez, Laura as (rumored) [Amber]
  38. Phillips, Natasha (V) as (rumored) [Ava Mendez]
  39. Reddick, Erica as (rumored) [Beauty Salon Patron]
  40. Safo, Anita as (rumored) [Restaurant Waitress]
  41. Sherrod, Syreeta as (rumored) [BTN Talk Show Host]
  42. Sunkara, Elle as [News Anchor]
  43. Taylor, Natalie (XII) as (rumored) [Sasha]
  44. Thompson, Heather (VI) as (rumored) [Sandra Blaylock]
  45. Wacker, Kim as (attached) [Beauty Salon Patron]
  46. Williamson, Makesha as (rumored) [Beauty Salon Patron]


  1. Comedy
  2. Romance

Full Plot

A romantic comedy set in 2 cities. Montrell Simmons is a young actor on the rise living in Atlanta. On the brink of success, he flies from Atlanta to New York to propose to his girlfriend Jasmine. His nephew, Ed Little, comes from New York to Atlanta for a big job interview with the Black Television Network and crashes at his condo. While Montrell is wining and dining Jasmine, leading up to the big question; his clumsy and goofy nephew Ed is trashing his crib as he get ready for his big interview. Faced with the pressures of Montrell's newly found success as an actor, the media attention, and his groupies, Jasmine is unsure if she wants to take the next step and become his wife... Terence V. Steele Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 15,000 CP: Terence V. Steele

Movie Certificate

Not Rated (USA)


  1. Michaels, Brian (III)

Film Editors

  1. Steele, Terence V.


  1. Chan, Hannah (production staff)
  2. King, Devina (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  2. New York City, New York, USA