Beyond Paradise (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
David & Layla [us]
Films International Corporation [vg] - (participation)
Group Entertainment, The [us]
Newroz Films [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 2014

Running Time


abuse, abused-woman, alternate-ending, ambulance, anger, applause, argument, arranged-marriage, artist, attempted-suicide, audience, bad-sex, barcelona-spain, bare-chested-male, basketball-game, beach, bedroom, beyond, beyond-paradise, bicultural-romance, bicycle, bird, bird-kite, bird-of-paradise, birds,

Technical Support
CAM:Arri Alexa Plus, Zeiss Standard Speed Lenses
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Amini, Max as [Sean]
  2. Crawford, Jarrod (I) as [Immigration Officer]
  3. Crosby, Misha as [Ray]
  4. Fair, Mel as [Dr. Richards]
  5. Guzman, Ryan as [Sebastian]
  6. Maleki, Christopher as [Basiji]
  7. Nunez, Timo as [Flamenco Dancer]
  8. Olomi, Ali as [Faraz]
  9. Rotar, Stepan as [2nd Immigration Officer]
  10. Toering, Matt (I) as [Ambulance EMT]
  11. Arizmendi, Yareli as [Parisa]
  12. Cheloudiakoff, Constance as [French girl]
  13. Grammer, Spencer as [Rachel]
  14. Mireya, Cassie as [Beach blonde girl]
  15. Raisa, Francia as [Shahrzad]
  16. Sanchez, Elaine as [Nanny]
  17. Shadanloo, Rome as [Zara]
  18. Soltanovich, Kira as [Kira]
  19. Zalevsky, Olivia as [Sara]
  20. Zuniga, Daphne as [Elana]


  1. Drama
  2. Romance

Full Plot

Destiny weaves a web of tangled souls in a love triangle: Shahrzad, a stunning music student, her husband Sean, a successful stand-up comedian, and Sebastian, a poetic and dashing Spanish American gardener. Caught in the middle is Shahrzad's piano teacher, Elana, a former screen femme fatale, who is having her own furtive affair with Sebastian. Soon Sebastian falls in love with Shahrzad. Shahrzad discovers her "arranged" marriage with Sean is doomed. Unexpectedly, a friendship flourishes between Shahrzad (Muslim) and her piano teacher Elana (Jewish), nourished by their passion for classical music, especially Tchaikovsky's. It grows stronger when they learn of each other's secret tragedies: When a teenager in Iran, one of Shahrzad's breast was horrifically scarred in a religiously charged attack, while Elana battles with breast cancer. Shahrzad becomes the object of desire and intrigue for three men: Sebastian, Sean, and young Ray, her mysterious brother-in-law. Simultaneously, Shahrzad becomes the focus of attention of two women, Elana and Parisa, her mother-in-law. Infusing the young lovers' secret romance are Rumi's ecstatic poems and Lorca's mysterious poetry that drive Sebastian in hot pursuit of Shahrzad, inflaming a passionate love that threatens to destroy everything. Gill Holland Plot not found

Total Business

CP: J Jonroy Avani

Music Composers

  1. Kilian, Mark


  1. Valde-Hansen, Sandra

Dress Designers

  1. Montagna, Heather


  1. Acocella, Cristina (script supervisor)
  2. Avila, Ruben (pre-production intern)
  3. Bastian, Dominique (pre-production intern)
  4. Bezdek-Goodloe, Bianca (legal consultancy)
  5. Bowes, Gustavo (production assistant)
  6. Campbell, Dan (VI) (production staff)
  7. Canchola, Erika (production attorney: los angeles)
  8. Eason, Dan (location scout)
  9. Esterly, Scott (production assistant)
  10. Fitzgerald, Aidan (director's personal assistant)
  11. Gieb, Frank (studio teacher)
  12. Graham, Molly (II) (pre-production intern)
  13. Gray, Jonathan (IV) (legal counsel: new york)
  14. Heidarian, April (farsi instructor)
  15. Pacific, Stella (studio teacher manager)
  16. Paul, Roxanne (pre-production intern)
  17. Ramo, Elsa (legal counsel: los angeles)
  18. Reyes, Andrew (II) (production coordinator)
  19. Rogovsky, Elena (additional script supervisor)
  20. Schwenker, Ken (budget supervisor)
  21. Stangeland, Eric (chief location manager)
  22. Turner, Joi (director's secretary)
  23. Windberg, Robert (production assistant)
  24. Woodard, Tommy (assistant location manager)
  25. Yahya, Hend (pre-production intern)

Other Titles

  1. Aflame (2014) (ENG)
    (International: English title) (working title)

  2. Birds of Paradise (2012) (ENG)
    (USA: English title) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. Malibu, California, USA