Blaze of Gory (2014) Movie

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Production Company
Cyco Studios [gb] - (in association with)
Film MA [gb] - (co-production)
Kill The Sunset Pictures [gb] - (in association with)
Mycho Pictures [gb] - (in association with)
Paranoid Android Films [gb] - (in association with)

Production Designer

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Release Date
(UK) - 1 January 2014

Running Time

you haven't seen terror until you experience a Blaze of Gory


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Full Cast

  1. Barden, Antony as (rumored) [Stanislov (segment Abort)]
  2. Benfield, Mark Ivan as [Dad (segment "Sick Little Boy")]
  3. Bibby, Lee as [Football guy 1 (segment Young and Naive)]
  4. Colletti, Damien as [Victor (segment Masque of the Red Rape)]
  5. Cottingham, Craig as [Seth (segment Beer Cellar)]
  6. Craig, Simon (VI) as [Alex (segment Young and Naive)]
  7. Davies, David V.G. as [Postal Worker]
  8. Eynon, David (II) as [Peter (segment Snow)]
  9. Head, Nathan as [Josh (segment Beer Cellar)]
  10. Hilmi, Rami as [(segment Abort)]
  11. Jemison, Robbie as [Football guy 2 (segment Young and Naive)]
  12. Magowan, David as [Adam (segment Spawn of the Devil)]
  13. McVay, Antoni as [John (segment Young and Naive)]
  14. Noel Gifford, Robert (I) as [Video Madman]
  15. Pollard, Steve (II) as [Barman (segment Young and Naive)]
  16. Sills, Dean as [Bar Patron (segment Young and Naive)]
  17. Sønderholm, Kim as [Man]
  18. Woodhouse, Roy as [Toby (segment "Sick Little Boy")]
  19. Zion (V) as (as Lord Zion) [Vir (segment Snow)]
  20. Abott, Caroline as [Female coworker 1 (segment Young and Naive)]
  21. Adriensen, Susan as [Reyna (segment Snow)]
  22. Broom, Victoria as (rumored) [Stacey (segment Monster)]
  23. Dickens, Sabrina as (rumored) [Kelly (segment Beer Cellar)]
  24. Dickson, Sara Rose as [Female coworker 2 (segment Young and Naive)]
  25. Edge, Amie as (rumored) [(segment Abort)]
  26. Gloyne, Ashleigh as [Corine (segment Young and Naive)]
  27. Miller, Jenny (VII) as (rumored) [(segment Abort)]
  28. Reiss, Anne (II) as (rumored) [(segment Masque of the Red Rape)]
  29. Spit, Vikki as [Elurra (segment Snow)]
  30. Strange, Juliette as [Mary]
  31. Szanto, Blaize-Alix as [Girl (wraparound)]
  32. Szanto, Lea-Anne as [Mum (wraparound)]
  33. Ter-Berg, Gemmie Jim as [Female coworker 3 (segment Young and Naive)]
  34. Wood, Elle as [Ginny (segment Spawn of the Devil)]


  1. Horror

Film Editors

  1. Davies, David V.G. (co-editor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. London, England, UK
  2. Kongsberg, Norway
  3. Pennsylvania, USA