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(Hollywood) USA

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Fleur De Lis Film Studios [us]
ShorrisFilm [us]

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hollywood, howl, lapd, murder, satire, werewolf,

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  1. Comedy
  2. Horror
  3. Romance

Full Plot

John Howl, LAPD's finest is bitten in the City of Angels by a werewolf. Shortly afterwards, John feels strange sensations and cravings. Soon he realizes his fate is cast as he becomes a creature of the night and tortured while awaiting the full moon. Time passes as he is suspended in time. A cop with a conscience he's become a wild animal of the night. The wear and tear on his body, nervous system with the brutal and violent physical changes has taken its toll on John Howl, as his former nonchalant self, the disheveled 30-something golden boy spends his day chasing criminals, and by night, chained to a bed - knowing too well that if he doesn't, someone's going to get a sample of his noxious love bite. The Hollywood division is forever fraught with crime, egos and vanities. Howl on his own is assigned to handle a high profile case. The official mission, to catch the perpetrator who killed film star Corey Bridges. Howl's enlisted the assistance of a beautiful studio P.A. Penny Sutherland to prove the film star's death was far more than just an accident. Crossing his investigation and suspect path is the mysterious horror filmmaker Christopher Cox, a disgruntled extra named Sammi Wallace-Stone and an infamously wild studio boss named Dennis Camrock. First Howl is a homage to the horror films of yesteryear - as well as a satire. All werewolf legends and films are spun through for the horror connoisseurs. Howl takes a bite at facts and fiction in his plight and life of a battered and reluctant wolf man with a badge. Clint Morris Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Bledsoe Jr., Cleveland


  1. Barnes, Melanie (publicity assistant)

Other Titles

  1. Bristled: The Howl Chronicles (2012) (ENG)
    (USA: English title) (working title)


- Patrick Swayze was reportedly in talks for the film prior to his sad passing.