Crosstown (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
De Productie [nl]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Alvarado, Maynor as [Joker]
  2. Amaral, Angel as [Angel] <3>
  3. Ardila Jr., Mario as [Beto]
  4. Bellani, Adrian as [Rigo]
  5. Cabral, Richard as [Sharkey]
  6. Christensen, Christelle as [Carmen]
  7. Elkins, Marvin as [Earl]
  8. Freeman, McKinley as [LB]
  9. Garcia, Cesar (III) as [Mad Dog]
  10. Green, Will (I) as [Dre] <8>
  11. Gugliemi, Noel as [Morales]
  12. Gutierrez, Christian (II) as [Big Jo]
  13. Hamilton, Roberto as [US Officer]
  14. Kriesa, Christopher as [Lowell]
  15. Lopes, Giovanni (I) as [Hernandez]
  16. Masamune, Tohoru as [Dean]
  17. Perez, Manny (II) as [Jesus] <1>
  18. Pirela, Argenis as [Driver]
  19. Ruiz, Link as [Priest]
  20. Toledo, David (II) as [Lil Rusty]
  21. Vasquez, Richard Steelo as [Dreamer]
  22. Vitale, Anthony (IV) as [Police Officer 1]
  23. Yang, Johnny as [Officer Lopez]
  24. Christensen, Christianne as [Rosie]
  25. Diaz, Damaris as [Chola]
  26. Fit, Chrissie as [Other Chola]
  27. Fox, Vivica A. as [Gabrielle] <4>
  28. Hurd, Paige as [Jazmine]
  29. Pazos, Luz as [Party Chola]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Set against the backdrop of Bush's War on Terror and Barack Obama's rise to presidency, Crosstown follows the story of 14-year-old Angel, an undocumented Latino teen, who struggles to find his place in an increasingly violent world. With the promise of naturalization papers, the US Military presents Angel's family with the opportunity for a brighter future if they send his older brother into the US Army. With his eldest brother gone, Angel is left to the designs of a local street gang, and the family left to deal with the consequences of the choices they have made. Crosstown Plot not found

Total Business

SD: 13 June 2011 - 14 July 2012


  1. Jensen, Helle (II)

Dress Designers

  1. Ngo, Kim H.


  1. Aguirre, Alberto (III) (production assistant)
  2. Canchola, Erika (production attorney)
  3. Gomez, Oze (craft service)
  4. Gourlay, Christopher David (location manager)
  5. Gray, Jennifer (VII) (production attorney)
  6. Hirschmann, Anne (script supervisor)
  7. Johnston, Brian (IX) (key production assistant)
  8. Johnston, Brian (X) (production assistant)
  9. Laurance, Marisa (production assistant)
  10. Margolin, Jamie (production assistant)
  11. Perlmutter, Brian (production assistant)
  12. Ramo, Elsa (production attorney)
  13. Ruzics, Kristof Zoltan (production assistant)
  14. Slack, Devon (production assistant)