Cuban Fury (2013) Movie

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Production Company
Big Talk Productions [gb] - (as Big Talk Pictures)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Ireland) - 22 March 2013
(UK) - 22 March 2013

Running Time


dancer, salsa, two-word-title,

Technical Support
PCS:ArriRaw - (2.8K) (source format)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (2K) (master format)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Clarke, Alex (IX) as [James]
  2. DeSilva, Simon as [Client]
  3. Easton, Archibald as [The Cuban Brothers Archerio]
  4. Frost, Nick (I) as
  5. Gaffney, Kieran as [Bully 3]
  6. Henry, Pierre (X) as [Santo Vito Barman]
  7. Herdman, Richard as [House Party Guest]
  8. Keat, Michael as [The Cuban Brothers Miguel Mantovani]
  9. Kinnear, Rory (I) as [Gary]
  10. Kyriacou, Louis as [Bully 2]
  11. Lucas, Shaun (III) as [Nick Frost B.Double]
  12. Mayger, Martyn as [Car Driver]
  13. McShane, Ian as
  14. Novak, Kayvan as [Bejan]
  15. O Dowd, Chris (I) as
  16. Oram, Steve as [Security Guard Kevin]
  17. Oshima, Kengo as [The Cuban Brothers Kengo-San]
  18. Plester, Tim as [Mickey]
  19. Radcliffe, Ben (II) as [Young Bruce]
  20. Reilly, James (V) as [Harvey]
  21. Robinson, Brandon (I) as [Bully 1]
  22. Ruben, Eddie as [IT Engineer]
  23. Smith, Brian P as [Party-goer]
  24. Smith, Neil Alexander as [Office Sales Manager]
  25. Spall, Philippe as [Mr. Jarvis]
  26. Aslan, Stephanie as [Competition Quarter-Finalist - Dancer]
  27. Bunting, Carol as [PA]
  28. Cackowski, Liz as [Paula]
  29. Colman, Olivia as [Sam]
  30. Cooper, Pamela Betsy as [House Party Guest]
  31. Fuentes, Yanet as [Alicia]
  32. Jeffrees, Joanna as [Girl at Bowling Alley]
  33. Jones, Larissa as [Salsa Dancer]
  34. Jones, Rashida as
  35. McLendon-Covey, Wendi as [Carly]
  36. Montero, Susana as [Gloria]
  37. Niles, Sarah as [Salsa Pupil]
  38. Roach, Alexandra as [Helen]
  39. Rosan, Deborah as [House Party Guest]
  40. Steinbarth, Isabella as [Young Sam]
  41. Wood, Janine as [Female Client]


  1. Comedy

Total Business

SD: - 24 August 2012


  1. Pope, Dick (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Dias, Rosa (III)


Entertainment One [us] - (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
StudioCanal [gb] - (2013) (UK) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Amos, Jonathan


  1. Bell, Dave (XII) (unit manager)
  2. Birmingham, Lottie (cast production assistant)
  3. Bixler, Litza (choreographer)
  4. Bundsen, Martin (personal trainer to nick frost)
  5. Cheesbrough, Dan (business affairs)
  6. Cooke, Megan (location runner)
  7. Corlett, Jessica (floor runner)
  8. Crane, Damon (assistant location manager)
  9. Dunnell, Hannah (production and music supervisor)
  10. Goulding, Laura (script supervisor)
  11. Grayson, Vicky (unit publicist)
  12. Halliday, Ruth (II) (clearances)
  13. Hughes, Tobin (assistant location manager)
  14. Hunt, Sarah (I) (post production accountant)
  15. Hurley, Elizabeth (II) (first assistant accountant)
  16. Hurrell, Mick (health and safety advisor)
  17. Kelly, Georgina (assistant accountant)
  18. Kipping, James R. (floor runner)
  19. Lake, Katy (assistant to Nira Park)
  20. Lee, Kate (IV) (unit publicist)
  21. Lesbirel, Christina (dvd executive)
  22. Lobban, Philip (location scout)
  23. Manlove, Richard (stand-in)
  24. Marcel, Richard (III) (choreographer)
  25. Martin, Sharon (X) (financial director)
  26. Mason, Lottie (location assistant)
  27. Montero, Susana (assistant choreographer)
  28. Plose, Rachel (production accountant)
  29. Pook, Thomas (I) (base runner)
  30. Price, Amelia (II) (production coordinator)
  31. Prior, Rachael (head of development)
  32. Rickham, Victoria (second assistant accountant)
  33. Rowlinson, Alice (additional crowd production assistant)
  34. Samways, Christine (second assistant accountant)
  35. Schramm, Umberto (location marshall: dailies)
  36. Silva, Rob (business affairs)
  37. Stokes, Joel (assistant production coordinator)
  38. Stoole, Phil (behind-the-scenes documentarian)
  39. Strange, Eugene (location manager)
  40. Tehnsuko, Mark (floor runner)
  41. Thomas, Lee (VII) (multimedia consultant)
  42. Thompson, Guy (IV) (development assistant)
  43. Vaughan, Charlotte (production runner)
  44. Vaughan, Stephanie (production assistant)
  45. Ward, Lucy (II) (assistant script supervisor: dailies)
  46. Webster, Morag (unit nurse)