"Dance Your Ass Off" (2009) {Ballroom Blitz (#2.7)} TV Season

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Overview "Dance Your Ass Off" Season 02 Episode 07 (S02E07)


(Hollywood) USA

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Magical Elves Productions [us]
Oxygen [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 19 July 2010

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Full Cast

  1. Brooks, Michael F. as [Himself - Contestant]
  2. Fredie-Pedersen, Sonny as [Himself - Dancer & Choreographer]
  3. Geller, Jordan as [Himself - Consulting Physician] <7>
  4. Henschel, Brandon (I) as [Himself - Dancer & Choreographer]
  5. Hogan, Corey as [Himself - Contestant]
  6. Mazo, Alec as [Himself - Guest Judge] <3>
  7. Mosley, Mario as [Himself - Dancer & Choreographer]
  8. Rodriguez, Oskar as [Himself - Dancer & Choreographer]
  9. Sosa, Adamme as [Himself - Contestant]
  10. Teeson, Danny as [Himself - Judge] <6>
  11. Wall, Lee (IV) as [Himself - Certified Personal Trainer] <4>
  12. Adame, Yesenia as [Herself - Dancer & Choreographer]
  13. Au-Harehoe, Vai as [Herself - Dancer & Choreographer]
  14. Brown, Melanie (I) as (as Mel B.) [Herself - Host] <1>
  15. Fanok, Katie as [Herself - Contestant]
  16. Fuchs, Anya as [Herself - Dancer & Choreographer]
  17. James, LaToya as [Herself - Contestant]
  18. Jorgensen, Charlotte as [Herself - World Dance Champion] <5>
  19. Marshell, Briana as [Herself - Contestant]
  20. Monica, Erica as [Herself - Contestant]
  21. Szymoniak, Stephanie as [Herself - Contestant]
  22. Walter, Lisa Ann as [Herself - Head Judge] <2>
  23. Ware, Kiki as [Herself - Contestant]

Full Plot

After the latest performance and weigh-in, Adamme, with the highest score, is granted immunity for this week's competition (the last week immunity is provided), and Briana, with the lowest score due in large part to her injury, is eliminated from the competition. The seven remaining contestants receive packages from home, one which contains some disturbing news. They help trainer Lee celebrate his birthday. And they enter into ballroom week, which many believe places the seven on equal footing, while some believe it will be their time to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. Indeed, some contestants who have generally received low dance scores in the past elevate their game this week, while the eliminated contestant, while still wishing not to be eliminated, has mixed feelings about the result. Huggo Plot not found


  1. Guidry, Joe
  2. Ikegami, Scott (as Scott Ikagem)

Dress Designers

  1. Smith, Gamila


MuchMoreMusic [ca] - (2011) (Canada) (TV)
NBC Universal International [us] - (2010) (worldwide) (TV)
Oxygen [us] - (2010) (USA) (TV)


  1. Antaplyan, Chris (production assistant)
  2. Ballentine, Dave (production assistant)
  3. Bates, Jordan (III) (production assistant)
  4. Beeler, Trevor (key set production assistant)
  5. Beller, Rachel (consultant: nutrition)
  6. Blackwood, Darek (production coordinator)
  7. Bonnitt, Matt (production assistant)
  8. Bramley, Vicky (production coordinator)
  9. Brooks, Blake (key production assistant)
  10. Brown, Tiana (choreographer)
  11. Brunetto, Dante (II) (production assistant)
  12. Caya, Benjamin (production assistant) (as Benji Caya)
  13. Chowdry, Rickie (production assistant)
  14. Cleary, Adam (production assistant)
  15. Donovan, Chris (VIII) (utility) (as Chris 'Kit' Donovan)
  16. Geller, Jordan (physician consultant)
  17. Gonnering, Chelsea (production assistant)
  18. Greiner, Bill 'Scratch' (head utility)
  19. Jackson, Kevin (XXI) (key production assistant)
  20. Jaffe, Stephen (II) (production assistant)
  21. Jennings, Monica (production accountant)
  22. Laidley, Kristen (script supervisor)
  23. Leon, Lorena (production assistant)
  24. Lewis, Nathan (XIII) (production assistant)
  25. Lorenz, Robert (III) (utility) (as Robert Lorenzo)
  26. Marks, Jonathan (III) (key stage manager)
  27. Marquet, Jennifer (stage manager)
  28. Mazo, Alec (guest judge)
  29. Miynowski, Aviva (executive assistant)
  30. Moran, Dan (VII) (technician)
  31. Neal, Doug (stage manager)
  32. Neal, La Rissa (accounting assistant)
  33. O'Neill, Maureen (III) (production accountant)
  34. Oliver, Josh (I) (reality crew coordinator) (as Josh 'RJ' Oliver)
  35. Rott, Erin (executive assistant)
  36. Rubin, Joshua H. (production coordinator)
  37. Saint-Albin, Maieka (cast wrangler)
  38. Salado, Stephen (production assistant)
  39. Schafer, Emily (cast wrangler)
  40. Schneider, Tara (I) (production assistant)
  41. Smith, Kyle (X) (executive assistant)
  42. Sullivan, James (XXIX) (production assistant)
  43. Teeson, Danny (judge)
  44. Tell, Bing (production coordinator)
  45. Wall, Lee (IV) (certified personal trainer)
  46. Walter, Lisa Ann (head judge)
  47. Willoughby, Ian (production assistant)