Desperate Measures (1998) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.9/ 10 (10483 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for violence and language

Production Company
Mandalay Entertainment [us] - (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Canada) - 30 January 1998
(USA) - 30 January 1998
(Spain) - 17 February 1998
(UK) - 27 February 1998
(Belgium) - March 1998

Running Time

His son needs a DNA donor to live. The clock is ticking. The only match is a vicious killer. Now all Frank Conner has to do is catch him. Desperate times call for. . .

battlefield, box-office-flop, captive, chase, confrontation, convict, criminal, death, donation, escape, father-son-relationship, freeway, hospital, leukemia, motorcycle, paranoia, police, prison, prison-escape, propane, psycho-thriller, psychopath, race-against-time, revenge, san-francisco-california,

Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Panaflex Platinum, Panavision Primo Lenses
LAB:Technicolor, Hollywood (CA), USA
MET:2766.3648 m
MET:2790 m
OFM:35 mm - (Kodak Vision 500T 5279)
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Adler, Jonathan (II) as (uncredited) [Prison Guard]
  2. Amen, Tony as (uncredited) [Visitor in Hospital]
  3. Baier, Robert (I) as [Security Booth Guard] <26>
  4. Cockrum, Dennis as [Pelican Bay Head Guard] <16>
  5. Colomby, Scott as [Patrol Cop] <30>
  6. Cox, Brian (I) as [Captain Jeremiah Cassidy] <3>
  7. Cross, Joseph (I) as [Matthew Conner] <7>
  8. Diamond, Keith as [Derrick Wilson] <12>
  9. Drago, Joe (I) as [Doctor at Walkway] <28>
  10. Figueroa, Efrain (I) as [Vargas] <6>
  11. Fleming, Cliff as [SWAT Helicopter Pilot] <33>
  12. Flick, David as [SWAT Sharpshooter in Street] <27>
  13. Garcia, Andy (I) as [Frank Conner] <2>
  14. Gill, Jack (II) as [Motorcyclist] <36>
  15. Hosking, Craig as (as Craig Hoskings) [SWAT Helicopter Pilot] <35>
  16. Howell, Norman as (as Norm Howell) [Kellen, Burnt Cop 1] <40>
  17. Kane, Billy (I) as [Laser Technician] <22>
  18. Keaton, Michael as [Peter McCabe] <1>
  19. Kelleher, Tim (I) as [Helicopter Shooter] <32>
  20. Kemble, Josh as [SWAT Sniper on Roof] <29>
  21. King, Erik as [Nate Oliver] <5>
  22. Lizzi, John as (uncredited) [Detective in Chase]
  23. Matarazzo, Neal as [Cell Guard] <15>
  24. Meehan, Howard (I) as [Policeman on Street] <31>
  25. Meier, John (I) as [Rains, Cop shot in ER] <39>
  26. Noland, Charles as [Cigarette Guard] <17>
  27. O Neill, Neil (II) as (uncredited) [Police Detective]
  28. Park, Steve (I) as [Dr. Gosha] <13>
  29. Pearce, Darren (II) as [Convoy Guard] <20>
  30. Pintoff, Dwayne as (uncredited) [Police Officer]
  31. Riehle, Richard as [Ed Fayne] <9>
  32. Robinson, Troy (I) as [Cop Escorting Frank] <25>
  33. Rogers, Danny (I) as [Motorcyclist] <38>
  34. Rosenberg, Dan (I) as (uncredited) [Doctor]
  35. Rottger, John as [Trimble, Burnt Cop 2] <41>
  36. Schub, Steven as [SWAT in Airduct] <14>
  37. Thompson, Randy (I) as [Library Guard] <18>
  38. Tignini, Eric as [Convoy Guard] <21>
  39. Vahle, Dirk as [SWAT Helicopter Pilot] <34>
  40. Walter, Tracey as [Medical Inmate] <10>
  41. Waugh, Scott (I) as [Motorcyclist] <37>
  42. Weireter, Peter as [SWAT Team Commander] <11>
  43. Wiles, Michael Shamus as [Tough Inmate] <19>
  44. Ashe, Christine as [Young ER Nurse] <23>
  45. Duffy, Donna M. as [ER Nurse] <24>
  46. Harden, Marcia Gay as [Dr. Samantha Hawkins] <4>
  47. Keegan, Donna as [Donna, Burning Nurse] <42>
  48. Moloney, Janel as [Sarah Davis] <8>


  1. Action
  2. Drama
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

San Francisco police officer Frank Connor is in a frantic search for a compatible bone marrow donor for his gravely ill son. There's only one catch: the potential donor is convicted multiple murderer Peter McCabe who sees a trip to the hospital as the perfect opportunity to get what he wants most: freedom. With McCabe's escape, the entire hospital becomes a battleground and Connor must pursue and, ironically, protect the deadly fugitive who is his son's only hope for survival. Sony Pictures (with permission) Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 337,118 (Brazil) (9 July 1998) AD: 17,862 (Germany) (18 May 1998) (opening week) AD: 24,612 (Netherlands) (31 December 1998) BT: USD 50,000,000 GR: USD 13,806,137 (USA) (19 April 1998) GR: USD 13,668,777 (USA) (12 April 1998) GR: USD 13,578,123 (USA) (5 April 1998) GR: USD 13,492,778 (USA) (29 March 1998) GR: USD 13,427,020 (USA) (22 March 1998) GR: USD 13,244,189 (USA) (1 March 1998) GR: USD 13,017,853 (USA) (22 February 1998) GR: USD 12,405,688 (USA) (15 February 1998) GR: USD 10,252,317 (USA) (8 February 1998) GR: USD 5,833,412 (USA) (1 February 1998) GR: GBP 757,615 (UK) (31 March 1998) GR: GBP 647,644 (UK) (8 March 1998) GR: GBP 349,271 (UK) (1 March 1998) GR: AUD 807,836 (Australia) GR: ITL 1,095,962,000 (Italy) (31 July 1998) OW: USD 5,833,412 (USA) (1 February 1998) (1,963 screens) OW: GBP 349,271 (UK) (1 March 1998) (142 screens) WG: USD 3,004,790 (USA) (8 February 1998) (1,963 screens) WG: USD 5,833,412 (USA) (1 February 1998) (1,963 screens) WG: GBP 147,461 (UK) (8 March 1998) (142 screens) WG: GBP 349,271 (UK) (1 March 1998) (142 screens)

Movie Certificate

R (USA)(certificate #34792)
M (Australia)
14 (Iceland)
16 (Iceland)(video rating)
15 (South Korea)
PG-13 (Philippines)
13 (Argentina)
14 (Chile)
15 (Denmark)
K-16 (Finland)
16 (Germany)
16 (Netherlands)
PG (Singapore)
15 (Sweden)
15 (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Jones, Trevor (I)


  1. Tovoli, Luciano

Dress Designers

  1. Jones, Gary (II)


América Vídeo [br] - (Brazil) (VHS)
Constantin Film [de] - (1998) (Germany) (theatrical)
Focus Film AG [ch] - (1998) (Switzerland) (theatrical)
Gativideo [ar] - (Argentina) (DVD)
Gativideo [ar] - (Argentina) (VHS)
Herald Film Company [jp] - (1998) (Japan) (theatrical)
LW Editora [br] - (Brazil) (DVD)
Líder Films [es] - (1999) (Argentina) (theatrical)
Paris Vídeo [br] - (Brazil) (DVD)
RCV Film Distribution [be] - (1998) (Belgium) (theatrical)
RCV Film Distribution [lu] - (1998) (Luxembourg) (theatrical)
RCV Film Distribution [nl] - (1998) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
RCV Home Entertainment [nl] - (1999) (Netherlands) (VHS)
RCV Home Entertainment [nl] - (2000) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Roadshow Entertainment Video [au] - (Australia) (VHS)
Roadshow Entertainment [au] - (1998) (Australia) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) [us] - (1998) (worldwide) (all media) (sales)
TriPictures [es] - (1998) (Spain) (theatrical)
TriStar Pictures [us] - (1998) (USA) (theatrical)
UGC-Fox Distribution (UFD) [fr] - (1998) (France) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Percy, Lee (I)


  1. Bareford, Jason Winn 'J.B. Destiny' (production assistant) (uncredited)
  2. Bass, Barbara (studio teacher) (uncredited)
  3. Bergstrom, Bobbin (medical technical advisor) (uncredited)
  4. Boydston, Paul D. (location scout) (uncredited)
  5. Brice, Veronica (assistant: Mr. Rich)
  6. Briskey-Cohen, Amberwren (assistant: Mr. Foster)
  7. Brockett, Gina (animal trainer)
  8. Brockett, Jim (animal trainer)
  9. Buba, Jarrett (production assistant: second unit) (uncredited)
  10. Buckner, Joshua Stephen (production assistant) (uncredited)
  11. Clay-Mendoza, Victoria (assistant: Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Schroeder)
  12. Cousins, Gareth (I) (synthesizer programmer)
  13. Dawson, Robert (I) (title designer: main title sequence)
  14. Dennehy, Jan (production accountant)
  15. Duffy, Donna M. (medical advisor)
  16. Dunlap, Jim (assistant production accountant)
  17. Evans, J. Ellen (script supervisor: second unit) (uncredited)
  18. Fahey, Rose F. (assistant: Mr. Garcia) (as Rose Fahey)
  19. Fidlow, Bennett (additional legal services) (uncredited)
  20. Fransen, Christine C. (production office coordinator)
  21. Gabrielli, Fred (caterer)
  22. Gerstner, Brad (production assistant)
  23. Geyer, Larry (production assistant: Pittsburgh) (uncredited)
  24. Hackstedt, Huck (production assistant)
  25. Hawley, Jameson (production assistant) (uncredited)
  26. Johnson, Ryan R. (assistant to head of production) (uncredited)
  27. Jose, David 'Yoko' (production assistant) (uncredited)
  28. Keilman, L.B. Kyle (craft service) (as L.B. Keilman)
  29. Kipper (I) (synthesizer programmer)
  30. Leon, Michael (II) (location manager)
  31. Mahathey, James A. (location assistant) (uncredited)
  32. Malerstein, Susan (script supervisor)
  33. McGough, Frank (local best boy electric)
  34. Mitchell-Clyde, James (utility diver) (uncredited)
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  41. Rood, Steven M. (assistant production coordinator: re-shoots) (uncredited)
  42. Shaughnessy, Mary Grace (assistant: Mr. Keaton) (as Mary Grace)
  43. Shuster, Rick (helicopter pilot) (uncredited)
  44. Spain, Brian (production secretary)
  45. Stavrakis, Christian (production assistant) (uncredited)
  46. Stempler, Gail (location manager: San Francisco)
  47. Stevens, Spooky (unit publicist)
  48. Swinton, Marsha L. (first assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  49. Todd, Phil (ewi performer)
  50. Tynan, Matthew (II) (assistant: Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Schroeder)
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  57. Wiebelhaus, Kevin (production assistant)
  58. Yonenaka, Ted (craft service)


Peter McCabe: You have to appreciate the irony. After all these years of being locked up, I'm given the opportunity to kill again. A cops kid too, and all I have to do is sit right here. Peter McCabe: Do you like school, Matt? I Fucking hated every minute of it. Captain Jeremiah Cassidy: How many people are going to have to die here tonight so that kid of yours can live? Frank Conner: My son needs a new heart! Peter McCabe: Yeah well I need a blowjob and a martini but i'm not getting that now am I? Peter McCabe: [after agreeing to transplant] These cigarettes are stale. You tell that cop and his dead kid I won't stand for stale cigarettes. Peter McCabe: What do you have to offer me, Frank? Frank Conner: Redemption. Peter McCabe: If I can't eat it, drink it, fuck it or fire it, I ain't interested! Frank Conner: But you're coming with me all the same. Peter McCabe: I can't imagine a God that would care. Peter McCabe: What are you gonna do? Shoot me, Frank?

Other Titles

  1. Desperate Measures - Jede Stunde zählt (1998) (ENG)
    (Germany) (TV title)

  2. Soluzione estrema (1998) (ENG)

  3. Soluzione estrema (1998) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Closed Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, California, USA
  2. Fresno, California, USA
  3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  4. San Francisco, California, USA


- The film is set in San Francisco, but actually filmed in Pittsburgh. They used Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh because it is a brick road like many of the roads in San Francisco. Also the front of the hospital is really One Mellon Bank Center located on Grant Street, the same building in the helicopter scene of Jean-Claude Van Damme's _Sudden Death (1995)_ (qv).

- In addition to some of the scenes filmed in Pittsburgh, an elaborate set was constructed in a vacant hangar at what is now known as the San Bernardino International Airport, what used to be Norton Air Force base. Both the jail/prison was three stories high and the hospital, built to the same level, were both physically connected by the concourse seen in the movie.

- 'Michael Bay' (qv) was originally set to direct but pulled out to do _The Rock (1996)_ (qv).