Emerson: Pictures of an Exhibitionist (2013) Movie

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Crosswood Productions [ca]

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Full Cast

  1. Anderson, Jon (I) as [Himself]
  2. Baxter, Jeffrey (II) as [Himself]
  3. Berry, Robert (V) as [Himself]
  4. Berthiaume, Marc André as [Himself]
  5. Biegel, Jeffrey as [Himself]
  6. Blaney, Ed as [Himself]
  7. Bonilla, Marc (I) as [Himself]
  8. Brubeck, Darius as [Himself]
  9. Caley, Robert as [Himself]
  10. Creasey, Peter as [Himself]
  11. Darvill, Martin as [Himself]
  12. Davidson, Jim (V) as [Himself]
  13. Davison, Brian Blinky as (archive footage) [Himself]
  14. Emerson, Aaron (II) as [Himself]
  15. Emerson, Damon as [Himself]
  16. Emerson, Keith (I) as [Himself]
  17. Guest, Christopher (I) as [Himself]
  18. Harvey, Melvin as [Himself]
  19. Jackson, Lee (IV) as [Himself]
  20. Kilminster, David as [Himself]
  21. Lake, Greg (II) as [Himself]
  22. Lane, Andrew (XVI) as [Himself]
  23. Langston, Dave Cyrano as [Himself]
  24. Majkut, Martin as [Himself]
  25. Mayall, John as [Himself]
  26. McKean, Michael (I) as [Himself]
  27. O Duffy, Alan as [Himself]
  28. O List, Davy as [Himself]
  29. Oldham, Andrew Loog as [Himself]
  30. Ortiz, Tony (VI) as [Himself]
  31. Palmer, Carl (II) as (archive footage) [Himself]
  32. Parkes, Stuart as [Himself]
  33. Roberts, Steve (XLVIII) as [Himself]
  34. Rudess, Jordan as [Himself]
  35. Salmon, Godfrey as [Himself]
  36. Seaman, Graham as [Himself]
  37. Shearer, Harry as [Himself]
  38. Sheppard, Godfrey as [Himself]
  39. Szakaly, Tom as [Himself]
  40. Turner, Martin (XII) as [Himself]
  41. Van Schuerbeck, Cristian as [Himself]
  42. Vanston, Jeffrey C.J. as [Himself]
  43. Wakeman, Rick as [Himself]
  44. Walkley, Brian as [Himself]
  45. Ward, Barrington as [Himself]
  46. Welch, Chris (II) as [Himself]
  47. Wetherall, Winston as [Himself]
  48. Woodford, David (II) as [Himself]
  49. Woodford, Jason as [Himself]
  50. Wuille, John as [Himself]
  51. Young, Stewart (VIII) as [Himself]
  52. Arnold, P.P. as [Herself]
  53. Bjornson, Tami Rae as [Herself]
  54. Emerson, Dorothy as (archive footage) [Herself]
  55. Emerson, Elinor as [Herself]
  56. Kawaguchi, Mari as [Herself]
  57. Smith, Carol (XIV) as [Herself]
  58. Welbourne, Lori as [Herself]
  59. Woodford, Elizabeth as [Herself]
  60. Woodford, Mandy as [Herself]


  1. Biography

Full Plot

Keyboard legend Keith Emerson emerged from the thriving rock scene of the sixties and seventies,Fusing rock 'n' roll with classical, jazz, and world music to lay the foundations of progressive rock,setting the standard by which others are judged. With Greg Lake and Carl Palmer, he formed the hugely successful Emerson, Lake and Palmer, who, between 1970 and 1977, released six platinum albums. This is his official documentary of his extended autobiography with interviews featuring many of the characters from his published autobiography and more as he does what he loves most living his life through his music. Now in this insightful and irreverent memoir,from his classmates to his music teacher to fellow band members and roadies we hear about the uproarious tales of life on the road, tales of the high lifestyle that goes with being a rock star, and of course, tales of the outrageous, barrier-shattering music he is still producing.This is the show that never ends as he re-kindles the past and adds to the future with his creative and groundbreaking music including the 40th ELP Re-union in London UK July 2010. DRW Plot not found

Total Business

BT: CAD 50,000

Music Composers

  1. Emerson, Keith (I) (original music by)


  1. Woodford, Jason

Film Editors

  1. Woodford, Jason


  1. Bjornson, Tami Rae (production assistant)
  2. Caley, Robert (production assistant)
  3. Kawaguchi, Mari (set photography)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Arundel, West Sussex, England, UK - (interview)
  2. CJ's Studio,The Tree House,North Hollywood,Los Angeles,California,USA
  3. Devon, England, UK - (interview)
  4. Hove, East Sussex, England, UK - (interview)
  5. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - (interview)
  6. Moore Theater - 1932 2nd Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA
  7. Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, UK - (interview)
  8. Sensible Studios,Sensible Music Ltd, 90 - 96 Brewery Road, London, England, UK.
  9. Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK - (studio)
  10. Venice Beach, Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA - (interview)
  11. Yellow Fish Studios, Yellow Fish Music Group,Near Lewes, East Sussex,England,UK.