En sjel for mye (2013) Movie

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Norwegian - (Original version)


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Golden Touch Film [no]

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Release Date
(Norway) - 25 January 2013

Running Time


psychic, soul,

Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Aarvold, Rino as [Bjørn Olav] <3>
  2. Albertsen, Roy as [Journalist/Likbærer]
  3. Heie, Andreas as [Journalist/Likbærer]
  4. Pett, Andy as [Patrick] <1>
  5. Schneider, Julian as [Hotellvert]
  6. Albertsen, Nina as [Journalist]
  7. Babawat, Ronahi as [Sara]
  8. Bender, Angelika as [Eva Heiss] <5>
  9. Benneker, Sophie as [Servitør]
  10. Kaldheim, Ingrid as [Kristina] <2>
  11. Lademoe-Petterøe, Nicoline as [Kristinas Oldemor]
  12. Meyer, Maria as [Tonje] <4>
  13. Petterøe, Emilie Kvarsnes as [Marie Clavaire]
  14. Strand, Cesilie as [Kantinedame]


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

Four newfound friends decide to go to France for the summer holidays. While resting in Germany, they find an old necklace lying around. Patrick, always grasping on to every chance he can get to score with a girl, gives it to Tonje. Shortly after, unexplainable events occur, and they realize they're not alone anymore. Who are chasing them and why? The dream vacation seems to be turning into an unbelievable nightmare. Andy Pett Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Lundgren, Robert


  1. Høgberget, Martin

Film Editors

  1. Pett, Andy

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Fredrikstad, Norway
  2. La Grande Motte, Hérault, France
  3. Zell am Mosel, Germany