Escaping the Game (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Rapid Deployment Films [us]

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(USA) - 2013

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Celebrities cannot handle their life, are chosen to fake their death to live on a hidden island amongst other famous celebrities from the past.


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Full Cast

  1. Vandervort, Paul as [Chaz]


  1. Adventure

Full Plot

For those who have too much, want too much, this world is a playground, where their fantasy becomes a reality. A world very few of us know; the celebrity lifestyle. What happens when a young star in Hollywood is offered a way out of stardom? This is a tale of a famous young star that cannot handle the pressure of everyday celebrity life. He cannot continue to live a controlled life and a victim of what most seem to be a dream. Like "Bourne Ultimatum" meets "Eagle Eye" our hero tries to escape from the watchful eye of the public and learns that there is a way out by hiring an underground secret company that has been faking the deaths of our most cherished lost celebrities for years... Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley, TuPac, Notorious BIG, Princess Diana and many more who live on this lost celebrity island in the Pacific. We see how these celebrities are living today. Welcome to "the Agency" ETG Inc. CEO Beatrice Kennedy, Inherits the once government operated company to eradicate celebrities from becoming too powerful in the public eye in the 50's. The real meaning of ETG, Inc. was to keep celebrities quiet, out of the limelight and out of politics, which was usually funded by opposing political parties or powerful families. Over centuries the governments control became less and less and the government wanted out. ETG, Inc. became too powerful because of the secrets it kept for so many years for the government. Like Blackwater and Skull and Bones, the government was silenced. ETG Inc. was responsible for closing the door on any celebrity conspiracies, gone missing or presumed dead. The U.S government turns the other cheek and pretends it does not exist like it never happened. But it does and it will always continue. Now in her control, Beatrice changes the rules of this now privately owned company as a cover-up it acts as a full blown talent agency, competing with the morals and the likes of CAA and WME this company does much more. That is there is one mission for these tormented celebrities, to fake their death. The Agency and Beatrice want you to disappear quietly, wants to acquire your fame and your money while you forget about your life you left behind. She will stop at nothing until she succeeds. Young Super Star Hollywood Actor Chaz Camario wants out. He is tired of his famous life, the death threats against him, paparazzi constantly chasing him, being controlled by others around him, the leeches of Hollywood, and the hangers on. He is always told, to do this, wear that, go here, and be this, say that! When will it stop, when will he find his freedom from his dreams turned to nightmares? He is granted his wish but it's not what he had been promised... That wish comes with consequences. Does he find the answer? Or does he find true love? Escaping the game seems to be his only way out... What has "the agency" gotten him into now? Is he better off dead or just pretending to be... Virginia Dyer, is a young woman well trained as a CIA recruit but dropped out for personal reasons, joins "the agency" ETG, Inc. After a death in the family Virginia moves to Los Angeles to handle her father's estate. Estranged from her father, and her mother dying at an early age, Virginia was taken away by protective services. Virginia's intuition and investigation into her past takes us on a wild ride of conspiracies and cover-ups created by "The Agency" ETG, Inc. An anxious Beatrice realizes Virginia is getting close to discovering the secrets of ETG's true meaning, she watches Virginia closer. After a recent celebrity death, Chaz Camario, smarter than he looks, notices a picture of his recently deceased friend and Virginia in a TMZ article online. Chaz confronts Virginia about working for the secret agency. Virginia's only option is to make Chaz a client to keep him from harms way. Chaz is a perfect client to escape his celebrity life and start-over. Virginia, knowing that Chaz has found the truth about the company realizes if she doesn't make him a client then Beatrice will most likely kill him. The plan is keep him alive and find out the truth of ETG. Inc. Now that Chaz is on the island he decides it is not for him. He may have found the woman of his dreams. Only once you commit to the island, there is no turning back. Now he feels like a prisoner. Will true love set him free? Does Virginia and Chaz discover the true answers of ETG, Inc and fall in love? Will love conquer all or just find them both stuck on a celebrity island under Beatrice's rule forever? Chaz and Virginia soon learn that playing dead may not be the only way of Escaping the Game... Nathan Folks Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 30,000,000

Movie Certificate

PG-13 (USA)


Rapid Deployment Films [us] - (2013) (worldwide) (theatrical)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. Madrid, Spain