Fraternitas (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Sweaty Turtle Entertainment [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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addiction, alcohol, college, drugs, fraternity, journalism, party, prison, rehabilitation,

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Full Cast

  1. Callahan, Sean (XII) as [Henry]
  2. Connell, Tim as [Det. Curtis]
  3. Dumont, Richard (III) as [young Ken]
  4. Dumont, Rick as [Ken Dumanski]
  5. Frank, Ad (I) as [Ad]
  6. Greenleaf, Dan as [Dr. Fernwald]
  7. Hart, Tom (XV) as [Dean Moriarty]
  8. Kenney, Cam as [Doogie]
  9. Larson, Robin as [Syracuse]
  10. McAndrews, Julie as [Tau Sigma Lil Sis]
  11. Otero, Felix as [Judge Juan Martinez]
  12. Pelletier, Brandon as [Dirty Hippy]
  13. Raymond, Damian as [Pat]
  14. Riendeau, Nick as [Train]
  15. Riffert, Max as [Tau Sigma brother]
  16. Santori, David as [Cooz]
  17. Tamarin, David L. as [Bernard]
  18. Tokanel, Matt as [Bdawg]
  19. Tracy, Colin as [Redeye]
  20. Wu, Stephen (II) as [Bill]
  21. Zahn, Karl as [Professor Michael Mandrake]
  22. Bartholomew, Jane (II) as [Det. Bergeron]
  23. Bonney, Ariel as [Sarah Dumanski]
  24. Butrym, Nina as [Hannah Dumanski]
  25. Callahan, Kirst as [Ashley Mullen]
  26. Dickinson, Cole as [Elizabeth]
  27. Dorsaint, Natacha as [Lisa]
  28. Grabill, Aurora as [Denise]
  29. Hassler-Pelletier, Heather as [Serena]
  30. Hunt, Christine (IV) as [Prosecutor Jill Chadwick]
  31. Johnson, Audrey (III) as [Danielle]
  32. Kuznetsova, Sasha as [Taliana]
  33. Lariviere, Linda as [Tau Sigma Lil Sis]
  34. Leigh, Vanessa (III) as [Prof. Kim Schlossberg]
  35. Mah, Hayley as [Jane]
  36. Morse, Danielle as [Tau Sigma Lil Sis]
  37. Musk, Ashley as [Jennifer]
  38. Nichols, Roxanne as [Rachel Stevens]
  39. Nichols, Sheila as [Doctor Andrea Martin]
  40. Porter, Diana as [Stephanie Dumanski]
  41. Rabdau, Sarah as [Sarah]
  42. Sanscrainte, Katherine as [Kat]
  43. Saviolakis, Monica as [Chantel]
  44. Smith, Taylor (XVIII) as [Cindy]
  45. Solomon, Brooke as [Tau Sigma Lil Sis]
  46. Taylor, Kate (XVI) as [Marilyn Hannigan]
  47. Whitfield, Karrie as [Dr. Donna Vionzi]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Ken Dumanski is a well known, award winning entertainment journalist, though he is better known for his outrageous exploits among the Hollywood and rock and roll elite. After a near death experience he relocates his family to the town of his alma mater where he becomes a professor in the hopes of exorcising his demons. But can he hold it together when the past comes calling to drag him back down the rabbit hole? rick dumont Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 50,000


  1. McClellan, Bobbi
  2. St. James, Bender
  3. Taylor, Jacob Benjamin (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Kontos, Julie