Fredonia (2013) Movie

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GeeGee Productions [gb]

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Full Cast

  1. Boardman, Stan as [Dave's Dad]
  2. Ledwich, Michael as [Spanner]
  3. Murphy, Saul as [Mickey]
  4. Narat, Nakib as [Texan]
  5. Perez, Phil (II) as [Groucho]
  6. Podmore, Jay as [Dave]
  7. Ross, Noel as [Tony the Chef]
  8. Southworth, Robert as [Lukewarm]
  9. Spofforth, James as [Terry]
  10. Winship, Sy as [Card Sharp]
  11. Benfield, Kate as [Lorraine]
  12. Crawford, Patsi as [Julie]
  13. Greer, Stephanie as [Dawn]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

Dave, Spanner and Lukewarm are losers with big dreams that never work out. But with Lukewarm's wedding only one week away Dave finds a message from his recently deceased granddad that will take him and his two friends on a journey to America. With no money they hitchhike across the Empire States encountering a gun slinging bank robber, a female wrestling team and the Klan. With time running out they need to find the film reel and get back in time for the wedding. Will Dave find the love of his life on the other side of the world? This is one holiday the three friends will never forget. A film about friendship, hope and opportunity. Marc Gee Plot not found

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BT: GBP 10