Gordon Family Tree (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Blare Media Production [us]
Purpose Pictures [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time

Sometimes you need to play outdoors


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Full Cast

  1. Bernsen, Corbin as [Ron Goodson]
  2. Bogh, Erik as [Tad Hensen]
  3. Dulaney, Preston as [Brandon Ross]
  4. Gabel, Julie as [Rose Merrow]
  5. Harris, Brace as [Matthew Gordon]
  6. Hudson, Jason O neil as [Cordarius Campbell]
  7. Karn, Richard as [Perry Merrow]
  8. Kunnecke, Patrick as [Alexander Bonds]
  9. Reed, Brad (I) as [Himself, Fox News Edge Reporter]
  10. Rogers, Jarred as [Uncle Scott]
  11. Rosenaur, Warren as [Dr. Burke Gordon]
  12. Schwartzman, Ryan as [Freemont Gordon]
  13. Schwartzman, Solomon as [Rocky Nelson]
  14. Self, Bradey as [Marc Goodson]
  15. Self, Ethan as [John Goodson]
  16. Smith, Mark Landon as [Jason]
  17. Suel, Jason as [Tommy Nelson]
  18. Willis, Mason as [Billy - Hotel worker]
  19. Woodard, Kenn as [Chaz]
  20. Bogh, Mary as [Molly Parker]
  21. Bradley, Kait as [Mama Carmen Barista]
  22. Calhoun, Kristen as [Daniella]
  23. Davies, Beth (II) as [Sandy Goodson]
  24. Linn, Jamaiya as [Tara Nelson]
  25. Marshall, Sydnee as [Tiffany]
  26. Morelli, Jocelyn as [Katie]
  27. Parker, Vanessa Rose as [Kristine Nelson]
  28. Schwartzman, Jennica as [Leeney Merrow]
  29. Self, Cassie as [Charlotte 'Lottie' Gordon]
  30. Self, Haley as [Mikey Nelson]
  31. Taylor, Jules as [Mags Ross]
  32. Williams, Kate Taylor as [Dr. Marietta Gordon]
  33. Wurst, Shannon as [Herself]


  1. Adventure
  2. Comedy
  3. Family

Full Plot

Freemont Gordon isn't passionate about his successful Architecture job in Los Angeles. After he turns 30, he finds his job isn't enough and he quits and goes on a road trip. Along the way, he meets the most amazing and generous everyday folks. Freemont shows his thanks by building secret tree houses for the families in hopes of giving their kids fun places to play. Freemont finds that doing what he loves is what matters most. Purpose Pictures Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 100,000


  1. Olson, Paul (III)

Dress Designers

  1. Hampson, Darleen


  1. Carson, Reed C. (production assistant)
  2. Clark, Coleman (production assistant)
  3. Clark, Coleman Ray (production assistant)
  4. Dueñas, Vanessa (assistant to the director)
  5. Kimmis, Joshua (production assistant)
  6. McAleece, Nicole (script supervisor)
  7. Melvin, Zack (production assistant)
  8. Morse, Angela (assistant to the executive producer)
  9. Rowlan, Joshua (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA


- Writer/Producer Ryan Schwartzman plays the son of Dr. Burke Gordon in "Gordon Family Tree." Dr. Burke Gordon is played by Ryan's former Theatre Teacher in HIgh School, Warren Rosenaur. The role is also named after Ryan's AP Literature teacher in High School, Milton Burke.

- "Gordon Family Tree" was written to honor the writer's father, Ira Schwartzman. Ira builds custom craftsman style homes in Northwest Arkansas.