Gravity (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Heyday Films [gb]
Reality Media [us]
Warner Bros. Pictures [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Germany) - 3 October 2013
(Netherlands) - 3 October 2013
(New Zealand) - 3 October 2013
(Russia) - 3 October 2013
(USA) - 4 October 2013

Running Time


3d, one-word-title,

Technical Support
CAM:Arri Alexa

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Full Cast

  1. Clooney, George as [Matt Kowalsky] <2>
  2. Michels, Eric as (voice) [NASA]
  3. Savage, Basher as (voice) [Space Station Captain]
  4. Bullock, Sandra as [Dr. Ryan Stone] <1>


  1. Sci-Fi
  2. Thriller

Total Business

BT: USD 80,000,000 PD: 10 March 2011 - 9 January 2012 SD: 14 May 2011 - 6 July 2011

Movie Certificate

PG-13 (USA)

Music Composers

  1. Price, Steven (II)


  1. Lubezki, Emmanuel

Dress Designers

  1. Temime, Jany


Universal Pictures [us] - (2012) (worldwide) (theatrical)
Warner Bros. Entertainment [ca] - (2012) (Canada) (theatrical)
Warner Bros. [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Warner Brothers [us] - (2011) (worldwide) (all media)


  1. Abbott, Jake (II) (production assistant)
  2. Abdel-Gawad, Tarik (robot operator)
  3. Antoine, Ruth (production runner)
  4. Barnardo, India (production runner)
  5. Baulcomb, Kevin (production secretary)
  6. Berryman, Thom (digital production services)
  7. Braithwaite, Kate (body double: Sandra Bullock)
  8. Brett, Michael (IV) (puppeteer)
  9. Bunce, Chorley (craft service)
  10. Cox, Tylie (assistant production coordinator: additional photography)
  11. Cubbitt, Laura (puppeteer)
  12. Feener, Alyssa (assistant production coordinator: Los Angeles)
  13. Garwood, Kya (adr)
  14. Gibson, Sasha (unit publicist)
  15. Grazier, Kevin R. (science advisor)
  16. Guiver, Robin (puppeteer)
  17. Hennigan, Andy (financial controller)
  18. Hitchcock, Annie (cast assistant)
  19. Hitchcock, Annie (set production assistant)
  20. Horton, Sammy (senior assistant accountant)
  21. Irvine, Amy (stand-in: Sandra Bullock)
  22. Jackson, Catherine P. (production runner)
  23. Jaynes, Francesca (choreographer)
  24. Lawrence, Adam (XVI) (production runner)
  25. Lawrence, Adam (XVII) (production runner)
  26. Lawther, Cameron (set production assistant: additional photography)
  27. Markham, Phoebe Vale (production assistant)
  28. McConnell, Stephen (I) (assistant accountant)
  29. Miles, Laura (I) (script supervisor)
  30. Moulds, Lee (stand-in)
  31. Moulds, Lee (stand-in: George Clooney)
  32. O'Brien, Declan (II) (production coordinator: additional photography)
  33. Page, Marc (II) (production assistant)
  34. Panichprecha, Kiattiyot (technical director)
  35. Scott, Jonathan (II) (production coordinator)
  36. Seaton, David (I) (location manager)
  37. Siegel, Emma (office production assistant: LA)
  38. Smith, David A. (VII) (unit assistant)
  39. Sweeney, Frances (senior model maker)
  40. Wakeley, Lisa (production assistant)
  41. Wild, Richard (II) (weather consultant) (uncredited)
  42. Winter, Alison (II) (production runner)
  43. Wiseman, Oliver (assistant: Mr Heyman)
  44. Zurita, Jhonny (set production assistant: dailies)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Lake Powell, Arizona, USA
  2. Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK - (studio)


- 'Angelina Jolie' (qv) was originally cast but dropped out later. 'Rachel Weisz' (qv), 'Naomi Watts' (qv), 'Natalie Portman' (qv), 'Marion Cotillard' (qv), 'Abbie Cornish' (qv), 'Carey Mulligan' (qv), 'Sienna Miller' (qv), 'Scarlett Johansson' (qv), 'Blake Lively' (qv), 'Rebecca Hall (I)' (qv) and 'Olivia Wilde' (qv) were all subsequently tested or approached for the lead role. Finally, 'Sandra Bullock' (qv) was cast.

- 'Robert Downey Jr.' (qv) was cast but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

- 'Natalie Portman' (qv) was the top choice for the lead role after Angelina Jolie refused it two times. Natalie turned down the role shortly before she announced her pregnancy.