Hollywood Chaos (2013) Movie

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BiH Entertainment [us]
Breaking into Hollywood Productions [us]
Olivia Entertainment [us]

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Six superstars. They have the fame and fortune, but who will survive the chaos?

celebrity, chaos, christian-film, faith-based, gossip, hollywood,

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Full Cast

  1. Briddell, Jon as [Richard Thomas] <5>
  2. Brown, Simon (XXVII) as [Valet Driver]
  3. Davis, Braxton as [Minister]
  4. Dordei, Federico as [Che Varro] <6>
  5. Evans, Che as [Male Reporter #1]
  6. Gilliam, Pastor Garth as [Reverend Langford]
  7. Holsey, Kayla as [Young Girl]
  8. Hunt, Lorenzo as [Male Reporter #2]
  9. Ifrene, Shadner as [JD #2]
  10. Johnson, Andray as [Doctor]
  11. Lepley, Tyler as [Victor Reins]
  12. Mixson, Tee Jay as [JD #1]
  13. Patrick, Marcus as [Officer Johnston] <7>
  14. Pinto, Dwayne as [Girl's Dad]
  15. Randolph, Arlington as [Nephew]
  16. Shannon Jenkins, Mykel as [Dwayne Taylor] <2>
  17. Whittle, Keedar as [Brandon Woods]
  18. Wilkinson, Vaughn as [Tony]
  19. Creel, Celeste as [Jasmine Lynne] <4>
  20. Epps, Mechelle as [Church Woman]
  21. Ford, Christina (II) as [Richard's Assistant]
  22. Jordan, Jill as [Female Reporter #2]
  23. Kinney, Endyia as [Hat Church Woman]
  24. Langford, Liz as [Flirty Hostess]
  25. Lovice, Vanessa as [Female Reporter #1]
  26. Miller, Tangi as [Camille Leone] <3>
  27. Mussard, Lindsay Ingrid as [Restaurant customer]
  28. Nicole, Mary as [Co-worker]
  29. Simmons, Vanessa (II) as [Alexis Burns] <1>
  30. Sosa, Cynthia as [Nina Taylor]


  1. Drama


  1. Kearns Jr., John

Dress Designers

  1. Tatum, Lisa (IV)

Film Editors

  1. Phillips, Jarale


  1. Baggett, Angie (assistant to writer)
  2. Bennett, Casaundra (assistant to producers)
  3. Charles, Alice (II) (unit publicist)
  4. Danner, Carly (social media intern)
  5. Delk, Antoinette (childcare provider)
  6. Hobson, Tiona (key production assistant)
  7. Maloney, Ellen (II) (production assistant)
  8. Neveu, Emma (assistant: Angela M. Hutchinson)
  9. Nicole, Mary (production coordinator)
  10. Pasiquiri, Melanie (production assistant)
  11. Patterson, Raquel (assistant: Tangi Miller)
  12. Phillips, Jarale (digital imaging technician)
  13. Shellogg, Mary (script supervisor)
  14. Sutherland, Cynthia (publicist)