In the Cage (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Full Cast

  1. Anderson, Derek (XIII) as [The Destroyer]
  2. Boyd, Michael (XXII) as [Black Guys Squad] <82>
  3. Chang, John Chia-Lin as [Jin Tao] <15>
  4. Chum, Chantika as [Charlie] <38>
  5. De Jesus, Christian as [Store Clerk] <28>
  6. Duch, Mork as [Kenneth] <53>
  7. Ejeye, Menetie T. as [Marvin Fields]
  8. Fernandez, Jennifer (VI) as [Fight Girl] <53>
  9. Gonzales, Brandon (III) as [The Unknown] <40>
  10. Gonzalez, Jose A. (II) as [Main Guy] <25>
  11. Grant, Brandon Domonique as [Officer Benetez] <30>
  12. Hernandez, Oscar (XIV) as [Fighter One]
  13. Ikeda, Naoyuki (I) as [Yao] <37>
  14. Inoue, Eiji (I) as [San Tao] <9>
  15. Jaboro, Louis as [Main Guy's Boys] <74>
  16. Jackson, Edward (X) as [Referee]
  17. Johnson, Carlon as [Bretta's Attackers] <73>
  18. Kalula, Nick as [Juno Spin] <41>
  19. Ly, Lorin Alond as [Group Leader] <21>
  20. Martin, Desmond (II) as [Store Worker] <32>
  21. Matsunaga, Hiro as [Doug Kim] <11>
  22. McGuinness, Andrew J as [Frank Biggs] <1>
  23. Mike, Chicago as [Bretta's Attackers] <71>
  24. Molett, Donyae as [Shoplifter Guy] <39>
  25. Mosley, Shannon as [Ring Referee] <31>
  26. Nevlin, Morocco as [Male Announcer] <19>
  27. Nguyen, Lap T. as [Flash] <6>
  28. Rahman, Rezaur as [Jeremy] <24>
  29. Rapini, Aryè as [The Butchers] <70>
  30. Reed, Connor as [Another Fighter]
  31. Refalo, James as [Store Manager] <29>
  32. Rosas, Victor as [The Beverages] <55>
  33. Saltzman, Ben (II) as [Don P.]
  34. Solorzano, Miguel as [Fighter Two] <42>
  35. Strouss, Sto as [Event Referee] <27>
  36. Sunga, Reean as [Yin] <12>
  37. Takada, Yasushi as [Young Gi] <17>
  38. Tidwell, Ryan as [The Butchers] <57>
  39. Walker, Karlin as [Kyle Fields] <18>
  40. Washnevsky, Alain as [Blood Ring Announcer] <20>
  41. Williams, Travis (XVII) as [Black Guys Squad] <81>
  42. Ying, Patrick (II) as [Main Guy's Boys] <75>
  43. Alveranga, Katelynn as [Lady Ann] <47>
  44. Balourdou, Mantha as [Ms. Ali Hadid] <10>
  45. Block, Parker as (as Eugenia Kuzmina) [The Beverages] <24>
  46. De Milo, Maryl as [Francis] <10>
  47. Delmar, Liana as [Lady Esther] <59>
  48. Devoe, Ninja N. as [Myra] <5>
  49. Eng, Elsi as [Angel] <3>
  50. Foley, Marilyn as [B-B Lady] <52>
  51. Fonseca, Michelle as [Zyna] <52>
  52. Garner, Lahela as [Lady Delia] <58>
  53. Goodwin, Tamara as [Claire Fields] <4>
  54. Ishibashi, Yumi as [Lady Fang] <60>
  55. Jaboro, Ashley as [Cindy] <35>
  56. Jaboro, Emily as [Cynthia] <36>
  57. Kim, Zoë as [Zandy] <50>
  58. Lei, Xuelian as [The Steels] <66>
  59. Marie, Tala as [Customer] <23>
  60. Montes, Mariana as [Doctor] <33>
  61. Niederwimmer, Pia as [Main Announcer] <26>
  62. Ortiz, Victoria (II) as [Lady Killer] <54>
  63. Reginaldo, Justine as [Carol] <34>
  64. Sharné, Blair as [Tyra] <8>
  65. Shimazu, Terumi as [Nurse Nina] <13>
  66. Soares, Laura as [Bretta] <14>
  67. U, Tsubee as [Lady Bing] <56>
  68. Zoia, Kaight as [Cashier] <22>


  1. Action

Full Plot

Marvin Fields is caught up with challenges and obstacles. On the verge of losing his family, he has to step up and face his adversaries. Marvin tries different avenues to help eliminate these difficulties, but his efforts are futile. Now, he decides to take desperate measures in saving his family and finances. When hell breaks loose and nothing seems to work, a true character is revealed through Marvin. Later on, Marvin discovers martial arts through his best friend Frank Biggs. This martial art will help Marvin find himself again and give him a sense of purpose. As he continues to search deeper his new found art, his troubles aren't stagnant. Marvin still has to wake up and face the demons of his life. Marvin has got to get his life out of this never diminishing cage and find freedom. In the meantime, Claire Fields (Marvin's wife) is fed up and tired of supporting the family. Marvin's cage seems invisible to Claire, and this continues to trigger his frustration. In the end, true love and friendship will be revealed and seem to help break down the barriers around this mysterious cage. Menetie T Ejeye Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 250,000

Film Editors

  1. West, Darius


  1. Rahman, Rezaur (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. El Cajon, California, USA
  2. Escondido, California, USA