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(Hollywood) USA

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4.5/ 10 (62 Votes)

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In The Dark [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 12 January 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Alabi, Anthony as [Bob] <8>
  2. Craig, Corey as [College Boy] <9>
  3. Evans, Scott (XIX) as [EMT Reid] <11>
  4. Muldoon, Patrick (I) as [Dan Lear] <5>
  5. Page, Sam (IV) as [Jeff] <2>
  6. Portnow, Richard as [Detective Archer] <7>
  7. Turner, Aiden as [Alex Smith] <6>
  8. Adams, Markie as [College Girl] <10>
  9. Chang, Jennifer (I) as [EMT Malloy] <12>
  10. Elizabeth, Shannon (I) as [Linda] <3>
  11. Peña, Elizabeth as [Dr. Weinette] <4>
  12. Röhm, Elisabeth as [Ali] <1>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

On the way home from an art gallery featuring her work, a talented artist, Ali (Rohm), her husband (Muldoon), and their young child get into a car accident. The woman's husband and child die on impact, while the woman survives, but loses her eyesight. At her doctor's suggestion, Ali hires a caretaker named Jeff (Page) to help her adjust to life as a blind woman, and upon returning home, Jeff's aid proves to be indispensable in helping her acclimate; Ali even meets and quickly befriends her new neighbor, Linda (Elizabeth). It is soon apparent, however, that Jeff is becoming increasingly possessive and jealous of Ali, and his obsession rapidly turns violent when Ali decides she needs less of his assistance because she is ready to resume living independently. Unsurprisingly, Jeff does not take the request well, and Ali is soon forced to use her remaining senses to fight for her life. Kendra Plot not found


  1. Peck, Scott (II)

Film Editors

  1. Murphy, Jeff (IV)


  1. Droege, Dalila (script supervisor)