Inte flera mord (2013) (TV) TV

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Pampas Produktion [se]

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Release Date
(Sweden) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Blomgren, Mats as [Yngve] <8>
  2. Dolk, Fredrik as [Leo] <11>
  3. Eliasson, Martin as [Börje] <10>
  4. Falk, Niklas as [Wilhelm] <6>
  5. Linnertorp, Karl as [Tommy] <5>
  6. Oredsson, Thomas as [Kypare] <18>
  7. Rapace, Ola as
  8. Wahlgren, Linus as [Eje] <3>
  9. Ejebrant, Lottie as [Hulda] <16>
  10. Ekblad, Stina as [Olivia] <15>
  11. Ekblad, Ylva as [Livia] <14>
  12. Hallin, Annika as [Maggan] <17>
  13. Jangfeldt, Sara (I) as [Lou] <9>
  14. Kulle, Maria as [Margit] <7>
  15. Novotny, Tuva as [Puck] <2>
  16. Sporre, Julia as [Agneta] <4>
  17. Wallander, Anna as [Britt] <12>
  18. Zetterberg, Alexandra as [Elisabet] <13>


  1. Crime

Full Plot

Puck and Einar decide to spend the last weeks of their vacation in Einar's idyllic childhood town Skoga. Pucks father Johannes Ekstedt, professor in Egyptology, has a household cat called Thotmes III that joins the couple. They get to borrow both Einar's sisters beautiful old wooden house as well as her highly competent housekeeper. But after the first night, the idyll crumbles. Einar finds a dead body on the lawn, a young man stabbed to death by a dagger. Christer Wijk enters the stage and with the help of Pucks observations the mystery approaches its tragic solution. Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Lindström, Rolf (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Sjögren, Ingrid


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TV4 Sweden [se] - (2013) (Sweden) (TV)


  1. Billberg, Maria (location scout)
  2. Dahlberg, Lisa (story editor)
  3. Jansson, Eva Ljungman (script supervisor)
  4. Johansson, Jens (III) (production coordinator)
  5. Johansson, Sebastian (II) (production assistant)
  6. Lundgren, Josefin (location scouting)
  7. Löfberg, Per (runner)
  8. Oliveira, Felix (production accountant)
  9. Rydgren, Henrik Bergman (location manager)
  10. Sandström, Marie (location scouting)
  11. Singbrant, Christine (runner intern)
  12. Soneby, Annika (script supervisor)
  13. Thiberg, Saga (runner)
  14. Åsemyr, Anders (production coordinator)