Isn't It Delicious (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Aquapio Films [us]
Skyline-NYC Productions [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time

Learning how to die... learning how to live.

animal-in-cast-credits, cancer, dark-comedy, death, erotic-dancing, gay, girl-nudity, husband-wife-relationship, lesbian-interest, lesbians-dancing, medicinal-marijuana, one-night-stand, partial-female-nudity, smoking-marijuana, title-spoken-by-character,

Technical Support
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aquavia, Paul F. as [Attendee at aa mtg] <24>
  2. Boroway, Roger as [Roger] <29>
  3. Burmeister, Ken as [Young Father Bob] <26>
  4. Crown, Elliot as [ICU Doctor] <25>
  5. Duany, Ger as [Limo Driver] <14>
  6. Dullea, Keir as [Bill Weldon] <2>
  7. Engel, Joseph as [Doctor]
  8. Enquist, Howard as [Liquor Store Clerk] <34>
  9. Hayward, Leanne as [Young Caroline] <17>
  10. Herbst, Tim as [Yum Yum Executive] <35>
  11. Hunter, Brandon as [Young Bobby] <21>
  12. Hynes, Phil (II) as [Policeman] <27>
  13. Klein, Jim (VIII) as [Hospital Security Guard] <24>
  14. Lesko, Kevin as [Funeral Director] <28>
  15. LuPone, Robert as [Sam Spenser] <6>
  16. McCourt, Malachy as [Father Bob] <5>
  17. Ngodup, Lobsang as [Rinpoche] <12>
  18. Patterson, Jay (I) as [Dr. Buckley] <11>
  19. Seznec, Loic as [Young Teddy] <22>
  20. Stevenson, Nick (I) as [Bobby Weldon] <7>
  21. Vaughn, Rich as [AA Meeting Leader] <23>
  22. Young, Jonah as [Teddy Weldon] <8>
  23. Alexander, Erica as [Dressing room stripper] <39>
  24. Avila, Lisa as [Nurse #4]
  25. Balthazar, Tina as [Young Woman from bar] <18>
  26. Cambell, Joyce M. as [Nurse #3] <38>
  27. Chalfant, Kathleen as [Joan Weldon] <1>
  28. Chernicoff, Natalie as [Brunette at Rooftop Party]
  29. Dillon, Mia as [Molly] <4>
  30. Dorsey, Kimberly (I) as [Yum Yum Executive #3] <37>
  31. Elizondo, Chrystal as [Exotic Dancer #3]
  32. Hayes, Suzanne (I) as [Rosemary] <13>
  33. Hughes, Johanna as [Nurse #1]
  34. Janover, Jennifer as [Exotic Dancer #1]
  35. Lopez, Elizabeth (IV) as [Nurse #2]
  36. Maranesi, Sandy as [Oxygen Tank Woman] <30>
  37. McGloin, Colleen as [Honking woman] <19>
  38. Meier, Mary Ann as [Yum Yum Executive #2] <36>
  39. Mingione, Alexandra as [Robin] <9>
  40. Morehouse, Marianne as [Betty Herman] <33>
  41. Morosco, Vanessa as [Laura] <10>
  42. Neptune, Lindsay as [Blonde at Rooftop Party]
  43. Preteska, Marie as [Admitting Nurse] <31>
  44. Ripley, Alice as [Caroline Weldon] <3>
  45. Skeryte, Raimonda as [Gina] <15>
  46. Villegas, Paula as [Diner Waitress] <32>
  47. Viramontes, Valerie as [Primping Stripper] <40>
  48. Wajswol, Sharon as [Susan] <20>
  49. Williams, Chrislyn as [Exotic Dancer #4]
  50. Wise, Kathleen as [Christine] <16>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

When Joan Weldon, the controlling matriarch of an upper-middle class New England family, discovers she is dying of lung cancer, she sets out to reconcile her dysfunctional relationships with her three children, her husband, and along the way, her former best friend. After learning of her diagnosis, Joan decides not to pursue chemotherapy, or any alternative treatment. The family's destructive ways are offset by messy and somewhat humorous attempts by Joan to set her children on the right course before she dies. She will also have to truly see her husband for the first time. In this big dysfunctional mix, they will all learn to connect in their own ways, and realize on their own terms what life is about. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 200,000 SD: 3 August 2011 - 4 September 2011

Music Composers

  1. Amram, David


  1. Fischer, Axel (I)


Aquapio Films [us] - (2012) (USA) (theatrical)


  1. Aquavia, Paul (production assistant)
  2. Bailey, Laura (V) (script supervisor)
  3. Borucki, Toni (set caterer)
  4. Janover, Jennifer (choreographer)
  5. Jones, Steve (LXXIX) (location scout)
  6. Kelly, Caroline (VII) (production assistant)
  7. Nutcher, Greg (technical advisor: police procedures)
  8. Ramadan, Yasmin (production assistant)
  9. Ziemba, Kash (production assistant)
  10. Ziman, Cory (production assistant)


Bobby Weldon: How about a drink? Joan Weldon: I thought you'd given that up? Bobby Weldon: Sort of... Teddy Weldon: Puff puff pass Mother. Teddy Weldon: Don't Bogart it.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
  2. Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
  3. Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
  4. Milford, Connecticut, USA
  5. Trumbull, Connecticut, USA