Jericho Falling (2013) {{SUSPENDED}} Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Pioneer Pictures (II) [us]

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  1. Thriller

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Inspired by Dante Alghieri's A Divine Comedy and set in the Purgatorial world of Washington Politics, JERICHO FALLING is the story of Daniel Alghieri - a fiercely ambitious politician and the son of an assassinated Senator; a man who many saw as an enlightened leader but whose time was cut short by an unknown assassin's bullet. Alghieri - In the middle of the journey of his life - realizes he must change his corrupt ways, abandon his own ambitions for the Senate, and turn against an Inner Circle who foster Avarice, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Lust, Sloth and Wrath for their own financial and personal gain, regardless of the damage they have on the environment and the American people. Sabotaging his own electoral chances he voluntarily walks away from what some consider a pre-destined path to the White House to be with his pregnant wife Beatrice and re-build his life in the mountains of New Hampshire. But his decision has tragic consequences and Daniel Alghieri's career and reputation are systematically destroyed, He becomes a man on the run, lost in the 'dark wood' of New York City, unjustly accused of his own wife murder. His one ally is John Virgil - a small town New Hampshire policeman who initially sees the high profile murder case as a golden ticket to the big city, but gradually comes to realize that not all Politicians are Demons with blood on their hands. Together they battle their way through the underworld of political skulduggery in a fight to clear Alghieri's name and to expose the real 'sinners'. Rupert Wyatt Plot not found

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New Hampshire, USA
  2. New York, USA
  3. Washington, District of Columbia, USA