Julian's Journey (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Riteworks Productions [us]

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(USA) - 30 August 2014

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On our road through life, Love doesn't come with directions - don't let a pebble send you into a tailspin

forgiveness, rape,

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  1. Drama

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Over 15 years ago, Georgia Jacob was a 38 year-old happily married woman with a devoted husband and a successful career. But something went horribly wrong. After several years and numerous fertility drugs, the couple had assigned themselves to life without a child. Then one night, Georgia is violently raped. She becomes pregnant. Although, Simon, her husband does not question if he is the father, nor does he care. He is devoted to his family. Georgia, however, cannot withstand the emotional toil this attack has left on her. She slips into an internal battle of self-deprivation and self-sabotage. It affects her career, her family life, and ultimately destroys her marriage. This psychosis intensifies after 14 year-old Julian is accused of burning down a friend's garage and is forced to go live with his father, Simon. While preparing for his journey, Julian attempts to embrace his mother. The normally gentle Georgia suddenly throws him to the floor after looking into his face and seeing the rapist staring back. The doubt and fear of truth had reached its zenith. Georgia finally realized who Julian's father really is. Thus begins Julian's Journey and Georgia's evolution toward self-absolution. Roni Smith Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 1,500,000


  1. Valde-Hansen, Sandra

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Chicago, Illinois, USA
  2. Long Beach, California, USA