Justice Squad (2012) Movie

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4.9/ 10 (12 Votes)

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Fighting crime from 9 to 5

hero, mockumentary, super, superhero,

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RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Ashby, Chadwick as [Gatecrasher]
  2. Balaz, Don as [Mesmiro] <14>
  3. Beckett, David (VII) as [Gatecrasher] <28>
  4. Bell, Ian (XXIV) as [Ring In]
  5. Blee, Dwayne as [Camera Dude]
  6. Butler, Mark (XIII) as [Metal Band Member]
  7. Calliss, Brett as [Mr. Quick] <4>
  8. Castle, Anthony N as [The Brick] <13>
  9. Chew, Richard (IV) as [Police Officer] <20>
  10. Clark, Chris (LVI) as [Soup Recipient]
  11. Clarke, Tom (XVI) as [The Darkish Knight] <11>
  12. Clarke, Tom (XVII) as [The Darkish Knight]
  13. Coppola, Tony as [Metal Band Member]
  14. Crabb, Brett as [Party Guest]
  15. Dinning, Ian as [Audition Judge]
  16. Fagan, Nick as [Electrode] <5>
  17. Fitch, Jarrod as [Guy at Bus Stop]
  18. Grainger, Luek as [Salvationist]
  19. Grainger, Mark (II) as [Salvationist]
  20. Green, Andrew N as [Sound Dude]
  21. Hackett, Joshua as [Luke] <7>
  22. Hatherly, James as [Homeless Dude]
  23. Higgs, Jason (II) as [Metal Band Member]
  24. Hilton, Sean as [Party Host] <25>
  25. Kingsland, Alex as [Magic Ian the Vaudevillain] <12>
  26. Kiss, Csaba (IV) as [Gatecrasher] <27>
  27. Lawrance, Daniel as [ManMan]
  28. Lawrance, Peter as [Business Man]
  29. MacPherson, Rob (III) as [Interviewer] <2>
  30. Messenger, Paul as [Dark Avenger] <3>
  31. Montgomery, Mark (XII) as [Metal Band Member]
  32. Newcombe, Roger as [Captain Justice] <1>
  33. Plisko, Alex as [Raver]
  34. Preece, Alastair as [Blaze-O] <15>
  35. Sellars, Brian (II) as [Sodomite Clown] <10>
  36. Smith, Julian (XI) as [Emo Kid] <24>
  37. Stanton, Ryan (II) as [Homeless Dude]
  38. Stokes, Ben (II) as [Soup Recipient]
  39. Stokes, John (IX) as [Audition Registrar] <32>
  40. Williams, Kim (XXI) as [Renee] <9>
  41. Angus, Emma as [Party Girl]
  42. Bell, Jordan (VII) as [Ring In]
  43. Board, Katrina as [Raver]
  44. Bos, Wendy as [Mistress Mystery] <6>
  45. Bouchier, Rebecca as [Raver]
  46. Brooks, Kimberly (VI) as [Party Guest]
  47. Campbell, Alice (V) as [Party Guest]
  48. Castle, Andrea as [Salvationist]
  49. Cimarosti, Emma as [Party Girl]
  50. Ellery, Lisa as [Party Guest]
  51. Foster, Roxanne as [Party Guest]
  52. Gehrke, Chloe as [Emo Kid]
  53. Giles, Mandy as (as Mandy Denholm) [News Reporter]
  54. Harvy, Jo as (as Josephine Harvy) [Ring In]
  55. Hasse, Tahlia as [Raver]
  56. Hilton, Pippa as [Party Guest]
  57. Hunter, Michelle (VII) as [Raver]
  58. Lawrance, Delaney Morris as [Girl at Bus Stop]
  59. Lovering, Carly as [Party Guest]
  60. McGuinn, Heather as [Ring In]
  61. Messenger, Louise as [Party Girl]
  62. Morgan, Amy (X) as [Raver]
  63. Morris, Kelly (VII) as [Audition Judge]
  64. Page, Chrissie as [Gretel] <8>
  65. Petrusma, Sarah as [Secretary]
  66. Stokes, Jenny as [Ms. Brady]
  67. Whittaker, Carly as [The Tea Lady]
  68. Wotzke, Emma as [Raver]


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama

Full Plot

In the lead up to the first ever Australian superhero audition, a documentary crew spend a week with South Australia's premiere crime-fighting team, the Justice Squad. The micro-managing boss, Captain Justice, leads a less-than-super squad of heroes, including the matricidal Dark Avenger, the womanizing Mr Quick, the short-circuiting Electrode and the newest addition to the team, the elusive Mistress Mystery. The heroes might just get some work done if not for the distractions of the interfering camera crew, a less than ambitious work experience kid, Dark Avenger's meddling mother, and a group of nefarious super-villains who work just down the hall. As tensions between the heroes threaten to tear the squad apart, will they be able to pull together in time to impress the judges and win the holy grail of super-heroism... the comic book deal? Daniel Lawrance Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. McTernan, Cameron


  1. Blee, Dwayne

Dress Designers

  1. Dallowitz, Jason

Film Editors

  1. Blee, Dwayne


  1. Gascoigne, Brad (production assistant)
  2. Harvy, Jo (production assistant)
  3. Lane, John (XX) (production assistant)
  4. Rumsey, Vicki (location manager)
  5. Valentine, Scott (V) (production assistant)


Captain Justice: You mention Australia and superheroes in the same sentence and they'll laugh in your face. But we do exist... and there are a lot more of us than you'd think. Dark Avenger: You see, it's like the Hammer of Thor, but this says Hammer of Vengeance. Interviewer: But... It's an axe.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Adelaide, South Australia, Australia