Knights of Badassdom (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
IndieVest Pictures [us]
North by Northwest Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time


demon, live-action-role-playing,

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Full Cast

  1. Anderson, D.R. as [Eddie]
  2. Bailey, Charles (V) as [King Diamond's Warrior]
  3. Borden, Craig as [Dragon Rider]
  4. Bouck, Jay as [Red Prince]
  5. Brown, W. Earl as [Randy]
  6. Carpenter, Michael (IX) as
  7. Connell, Kevin (II) as [King]
  8. Cook, Sean (I) as [Winston]
  9. Coughlin, Kevin Joel as [Red Army Ranger]
  10. Dinklage, Peter as [Hung]
  11. Gipson, Brett as [Gunther]
  12. Gladis, Michael as [King Diamond]
  13. Harris, Basil (II) as [Johnny]
  14. Hopper, Tom as [Gunther]
  15. Kimball, Kent as [Walker]
  16. Kwanten, Ryan as [Joe]
  17. Malina, Joshua as [Travis]
  18. McCoy, Rick as [Barbarian]
  19. McCreary, Brendan as (singing voice) [Joe]
  20. Parks Jr., Kenny as (as Kenny Parks) [Steven]
  21. Petty, Brandon as [Jake]
  22. Pudi, Danny as [Lando]
  23. Rufino, Jose as [Sir Reginald]
  24. Rutherford, Kyle as (uncredited) [Man at Arms]
  25. Simpson, Jimmi as [Ronnie Kwok]
  26. Stodel, Kim as [Ira]
  27. Tait, Douglas as [Abominog]
  28. Thain, Matthew as (uncredited) [Squire]
  29. Zahn, Steve as [Eric]
  30. Zerner, Larry as [Shelly]
  31. Arenas, Kayla as [Green King's Entourage]
  32. Doan, Khanh (II) as [Andie]
  33. Glau, Summer as [Gwen]
  34. Hayes, Casandra Marie as [Fairy]
  35. Levieva, Margarita as [Beth]


  1. Adventure
  2. Fantasy
  3. Horror

Music Composers

  1. McCreary, Bear


  1. McCurdy, Sam

Dress Designers

  1. Caryl-Vukas, Lisa (as Lisa Caryl)

Film Editors

  1. Smith, Howard E.


  1. Abdallah, Ginny (II) (production assistant)
  2. Adams, Taylor (office production assistant)
  3. Ahmed, Noor (production legal)
  4. Andrade, Phil (III) (key set production assistant)
  5. Davis, Amanda M. (production assistant)
  6. Donner, Trey (production assistant)
  7. Ervin, Grayson (production assistant)
  8. Foglia, Robb (I) (script supervisor)
  9. Grady, Adrianne (creative consultant)
  10. Gregory, Amanda (II) (extras wrangler)
  11. Groner, Mike (I) (insurance broker)
  12. Grunte, Amber (production coordinator)
  13. Hamilton, Kent (insurance broker)
  14. Holcombe, Curtis (production intern)
  15. Lewis, Nathon S. (personal assistant: Steve Zahn)
  16. McCoy, Rick (technical advisor)
  17. Moroz, Pete (location manager)
  18. Park, Mike (II) (production legal counsel)
  19. Pettinato, J.P. (production executive)
  20. Rolfes, Mary C. (production coordinator)


Ronnie Kwok: [in distress] You just summoned a succubus from Hell! Eric: [pauses] Sorry.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Spokane, Washington, USA


- The main cast went through Live Action Role Playing sessions before filming and 'Peter Dinklage' (qv) was declared the most successful out of everyone.